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Christmas Eve

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By the storytellers of the Huntington

Once upon a time...
The children are taking a little walk and they have bubble wands.
They are obviously on vacation.
They didn't clear the walks very well.
Big houses - obviously in the neighborhood on a main street, nice neighborhood with multi-family houses.
Three players are looking in opposite directions with different weapons.
What they're doing is non-seasonal: it's winter and they're playing summer.
The kids dressed themselves - they don't have hats or mittens on (a little girl has a hat on).
The wind is blowing, the snow is snowing.
They're having fun: Eenie, Meenie, and Minie.
They're friends: Carol, 10, Mary Anne, 5, and Duey, 7, turning 8.
First, they shoveled snow, they had to get dressed.
The city plowed the street: it could be Boston because of the houses.
It looks like they knew a photo was being taken.
One of the fathers took the photo.
They're missing Glen Miller playing the Chatanooga Choo Choo.
They had breakfast: scrambled eggs, hot cereal, hot cocoa, and a Bloody Mary (they took the juice out of it). The photographer had a Bloody Mary.
They were coming to the Huntington to see us then they turned around and left.
They like to get candy prizes, to yell, to play, to swing their arms.
They want to come visit the people at the Huntington - something to look forward to.
In 6 months they go swimming.
They're gonna catch the thing that the boy is hitting. They capture it - catch the fly.
They go home for lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tomato soup, and hot chocolate.
Then they take a nap, they watch TV (they like to watch Sesame Street).
Then they're gonna come back and finish messin' up the neighborhood - they could use a pipe to hit things over the fence.
They're going over to Greely Park to sleigh.
They throw snowballs, they're playin' a game over the fence - maybe two different games goin' on, boys vs. girls.
When they grow up, Carol wants to be a professional tennis player, Duey wants to collect money, and Mary Anne is looking forward to life - she's got to live near her hairdresser though.
They have a racket, a bubble maker.
They have a dog named Rinso.
We hear the bells of the holiday season/
They're looking forward to something, they're coming to meet somebody - maybe Santa.
The young one sees something - they're looking in different directions.
We hear bells ring, people singing Christmas Carols, trucks.
The postman is coming - he's on the walk coming towards them bringing cards and bills and packages.
And they all lived happily ever after!