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The Convincing Car Ride

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This is Rover and Sandy. Rover is on the left side and Sandy is on the right side.
They are originally from the North, Minnesota or something. It seems that they are thirsty because they are both panting! They are looking for water and they think they found some! Rover is letting Sandy know that they can go to it quickly. He says to her, lets just jump out of the car and go. She says she’s too afraid to jump out of the car because she doesn’t want to get separated from her owner.
Rover is trying to convince her it’s alright for her to jump out. They are going to have a grand time! He thinks he can convince her with his fine looking paws… I’ve been tricked before says Sandy… She ultimately makes the best decision to stay in the car but she regrets it a little bit, maybe she would take more risks in the future…