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Help Others... With Cookies

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The little boy might be in trouble
Somehow he got the cookie jar down to the ground, he got one in his hand waiting to get one in his mouth
They are compadres in this scheme! A bite for me and a bite for you!
Charlie is the little boy and his parents are looking all over the neighborhood to find him and the dog!
They think that he might of took him on a walk
Except they are hiding and eating cookies
The dog is thinking, give me one cookie just one more!
The dogs name is Sparky because he has lots of energy and he runs around a lot. They both have lots of energy right now because they have a sugar rush from the cookies!!
They are real good cookies… girl scout ones to be exact. The best!
Chocolate chip a classic. They let none go to waste!
He even brought a drink! I hope its not coke but it might be, especially if mom is not around.