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The Uncle who is not

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Im gonna be that old one of these days
She looks like a grandma that’s waiting to get picked up
Grandpa Moses is holding the court
She must not be winning because she looks really mad
Having fun
This is my uncle bob in the picture here
He's not a happy person because his grandkids are running around the house
They come all the time
He is learning to play a game Peaknuckle… to see if his grandkids like it so that they will stop running around the damn house
His wife is sitting next to him but shes just glad he's not getting in the way of dinner because she isn’t that good Peaknuckle…
Lets just turn the tables and find out what she thinks
She isn’t happy because its obviously not going well
There is not any money on the table but they decided that the looser had to take the trash out of the garage
Bob doesn’t want to take the garbage out so hes going to win
Oh now his wife is very focused.