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After Furry and Fuzzy

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The Story takes place with Furry the dog and Fuzzy the cat in a garage. Furry and Fuzzy are next to a big awkward thing in the middle of the room. It looks like a bundle of day. Furry the dog knocked it down with its powerful wagging tail. It sounded like a crash... BOOM!!!..... Fuzzy was involved in the act, just look at the suspicious look on her face. Furry and Fuzzy feel high and mighty since it fell to the ground.
Furry and Fuzzy belong to a young boy. The young boy name is Sammy. Sammy isn't home to see what had happen. Furry and Fuzzy are scared that Sammy will be mad at the,/ Sammy was puzzled about what had happen when he came home. Afterwards, Sammy will put the tree back up and let the animals have fun cause they aren't in time out. Sammy going to take them for a walk to get the negery out of them. After they will eat a nice meal and than relax with one another.