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The loving Father

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By the storytellers at Butterfly Unit, Simblija Care Home

It happens at the Sea
John's Beach on Long Island or Coney Island
They're close to each other
I was working on Long Island as a Priest.

We;ll call the boy Tommy or Timmy
We'll call the man Christopher
It happened in the middle of Summer.
They're an uncle and his nephew or a dad and his son.
He's very sweet and the dad is very nice.
The person at the bottom loves him without a doubt.

There are the sounds of the water
Smells of the ocean - they are delightful and relaxing !
His father has thrown him up in the air.
Dad feels very fatherly he's reaching up to catch his boy.
Tommy or Timmy is feeling nervous
Kids never feel nervous
Yes, they can be nervous.

We hope he didn't eat before otherwise he'll throw up on his father's face or throw down !
The id was scared before - there's something not quite right.
The quick motion scared the kid.
His son is there to catch him

He's going to fall.
That kid is going to show a lot of disappointment coming down, because he was scared.
That boy looks frightened.
He wants to stay in the air.