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How Phobias are Born or George-Henry's Wedding Day --A Good Yarn

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They ran out of diapers.
He's afraid he's going to get left behind on a trip.
Or maybe he's trying to get his family to go on a trip.
He's investigating what's in that great big bag - and he thinks it's really funny. He's looking for candy!
They are trying to save on air fare!
He stepped on something and it felt gushy.
He got caught in the act of doing something.
He is at Gramma's. Gramma lets him do whatever...
All of Gramma's yarn is allll over the floor.
Her 40 cats are playing with it.
He thinks that is hilarious.
He's watching them.
Did he poop in Gramma's yarn bag??
Gramma is taking a nap. Or maybe she is taking a video. She has the Gramma-Cam on him and will put it on FB.
She needs money for a new house and that will pay for it.
She is showing the video at his engagement party to his same-sex partner! He is now 25.
His name is George-Henry.
Now, at 25, George-Henry has a fear of big bags and purses and always carries an extra pair of underwear. He has a fear of yarn.