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Brooke and Tenniel are on their way to school. They go to the Dominico's School for Girl's Who Just Wanna Have FUN in the Oregon Coastal town of Seaside. It is a cold November day so the girls who are six and seven years old have their school uniform sweaters on
Brooke, who is a very helpful child is trying to help Tenniel get over her fear of spiders by putting a spider mask on her. The school is having a Assembly By The Sea today and Brooke does not want her friend to miss out on it because there might be spiders around.
The show will feature the lovely Miss Tina Tuna as a mermaid. Tina is a professional diver who works as a mermaid model in undersea shows. The whole school has been very excited about the performance, but little Tenniel has been crying at the mere thought of spiders on the bus to the shore. Some of the bigger kids have told her scary stories and it is ruining her chance for the outing.
Brooke places the spider mask on her friend, straightens her friends skirt and tells Tenniel, "Now YOU will scare any spider that dares to show up, YOU are a giant spider; the Spider Queen!"
In the spirit of FUN, Tenniel laughs at herself in the spider mask. Tenniel agrees that with the spider Queen mask she can go to see the Undersea Show starring Tina Tuna. They arrive at the seaside and are excited to see all of the undersea characters dancing along the shore. This will be a truly FUN outing.