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Postman Pat

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By the storytellers at Butterfly Unit

They're looking at Pictures.
It's Christmas - which is quite good.
He's reading it in front of somebody's door.

He is a postman and comes from Valletta or Qormi.
He's not there every single minute
But he's got a time that he goes.

It was a Monday and he's delivering letters.
We know that cos he's holding a letter.
He could be delivering to people sitting in their home, or all over the place.
They have to be given their district, otherwise its Pandemonium !

It's all very good, the picture says it all.
There's a sound lighter than that.
Seldom do they have a name !
He's holding it - We'll call him ' Upside Down'.

It could be a place where he wants to go
That could be a roof of a house
He's nice because he lifts up the post and he's smiling.
He looked at it to get the address, and then grins.

He's got a family of 4 -
His father, Fiorentino, is No. 1
It looks like he's going somewhere - well of course he is...
It's what he does.
But he smiles wherever it is he's going.