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The Day of the Community Party

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They're having a cooking party where the ladies are cooking cakes, pies and it looks like there's pancakes on the table too. The pies taste delicious,like berry's, apple pies and there is chocolate cake. The two ladies at the table are Louise on the left and Margaret on the right. Someone said my mother was called Margaret and she looks like the Margaret at the table. It's an after church cooking party at the Presbyterian Church in uptown Charlotte. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Louise is the mother of 2 of the children behind her and they are eating and playing, while the rest of the people are waiting to eat. Margaret and Louise get along very well. There are 50 people at the party who are socializing. They hear children playing and people saying; "The pie is sure good." Louise is telling the children; "we're waiting for the rest of the people before we eat." They can hear noises of the passing cars and one child saying; "I want some of that" and someone saying; "don't eat that until I give it to you." There is a religious song being played on the piano. One person requests the song; "I'm gonna lay down my burdens down by the Riverside" and everyone joins in the singing. After the party they are all going to pack up and go home on the bus. Someone starts singing "Down by the Riverside" again as they leave.

The End!