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a determined explorer

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This girl's name is Violante, she's driving a plane and puts a metal armor in her legs and arms to protect her shins.
He's 18 and his steering wheel is like a pencil. It's in a prehistoric time for me.
He has a beautiful expression, determined and courageous.
He is wondering if she will come back because she is going to the mountains to explore.
She's running away from normal daily life to see what she will find.
She will find leaves, fruits, plants and insects.
This machine was built by her because she is also an engineer and is testing it. She has an intense expression because is the first time she tries it.
She's a bit scared because her construction is not very solid, but surely she will arrive.
It is an experimental journey and she will be able to tell the people that she has arrived and they will come to see her and applaud her astonished and uneasy.
She has a family that is perplexed but encourages her.
He has a father, an uncle and a brother, all men and they think of her that she is an unconscious and a rash.
His brother is called Manu, he is bigger and more perplexed, he does not know if she will or will not go. Ermanno is the uncle and Marcello the father who looked for the children different names from the others.
They are very admired of her, because building an engine unit like that does not have to be easy.
They are a family out of order but with a lot of imagination and a good capacity for inventiveness.
She drives but they are the technicians and they helped in the construction.
In her flight she dreams of going to paradise, going to the sky and looking at the universe from above.
Meanwhile, she is hearing a powerful buzz and a not so good smell, petrol.
I do not think she has a sentimental relationship with someone, she did not have time because she had to build her airplane but at the first disappointment of his vehicle she will find this time.