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The Tale of Two Penguins

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Why are the penguins holding hands?

They just found each other, but they are not looking at each other. One is looking into the ocean. They're having a disagreement, heading for their boat, which is headed for Alaska. They are arguing about how many kids to have. They have no luggage and are not prepared.

Now they're walking the shore singing, Show me the way to go Home because they are tired and want to go to bed. They were arguing about where to lay the eggs.

They smell fish and saltwater. They can hear seagulls squawking and see them flying overhead. The seagulls are also arguing, utter chaos.

The penguins’ names are Sue and Josh. Before they met Sue was walking the store and Josh was swimming, but now the tide has come in.

The argument is flushed out with the tide.