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Singing in the rain

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This story takes place in the city of San Francisco, just like the movie "Singing in the Rain." They are singing like the movie. You can hear the sing. The character is about a guy and his fishes. He looks like a guy because of his body shaped and how it is built. His name is Alfred Presley. He is 30 years old and is a singer. His style is very popular and he also known for playing the piano and violin.

He is entertaining the crowd of fishes. He singing to them. The crowd of fishes is about 20 or more. You cab hear him singing " I'm singing in the rain... Just smiling and singing." The water vibrates when he sings. He by himself. Alfred is very popular when on land. He is always surrounded by a swarm of people. However, Alfread doesn't want that. They hate to see him go.

Alfred is very happy to be alone and it is because he surrounded by a lot of fishes. He thinks it is a great day to be singi