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New York New York

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It's 2019, this story is taking place in Manhattan New York. It's New Years Eve. The guy looks like Elvis Presley but it is actually Marvin Gaye. Marvin is singing the classic "New York New York". He is singing the classic in a old style type jazz. The crowd is trying to sing on tempo but it is difficult to sing when the crowd is so huge. Everyone is having fun and love listening to Marvin.

The weather is good but it is cold, however the newscaster said it will warm up a bit in the afternoon. IF you listen closely to the crowd you can hear them talk about how excited they are for the ball to drop at midnight. As you can tell, everyone is ready to bring in the new year.

Everyone is having fun and the crowd continues to grow by the hour. Marvin is waiting for his girl to come. She will be in the first row waiting for his set to come to an end. She and him can not wait to ring in the new year together. MArvin met this girl at the very spot 6 years a go. They love and always are shocked and surprised by the memories that overfill them on this day.

- Few hours later -
AS the ball drops, instead of the tradition of counting down the whole crowd sings "New York New York". Marvin and his girl stop for a New York style snack and they cherish each other company. The story fades out with them kissing with the smell of food trucks and the fire works in