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The Happy Baby

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He’s ready for something - I don’t know what it is, but it’s something!
A good hamburger!
Put a little cheese on it. Mmmmmmm!
Buzzing around, being nosy.
You can call him The Hamburger Baby.
He’s looking for the odor, he wants to find it.
They smell so good!
He’s going to Burger King! Aaahhh ohhhh!
Self-preservation is the first law of nature.
He’d bring someone else with him, but... get the hamburger first!
He’s a cute little man.
He might be ready to chomp chomp!
He’s humming around, trying to discover something -
Trying to discover the ordo of the hamburgers!
In the big bag? Maybe he thinks it’s in there some place.
It’s hard to say what else is in there. The little baby is in the bag!
He’s gotta grow up, he can’t stay a little baby forever.
If he keeps eating the hamburgers, he’ll grow up. He’ll grow up or grow OUT!