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The Hummingbird - Yeah That’s Good: Snowflake

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This is The Butterfly Man!
He is in the sky someplace. He flies along to all the places.
He goes and sees people from different cultures out in space some place!
He’s going to find something different.
I think that’s good because he’ll be changing from time to time so he’ll have different things to see from different places that he’s going.
And so they call him The Butterfly Man because he can see different things that we can’t see.
The different things that he finds out in space.
He can fly and get into different places we can’t get in to because he’s a small butterfly and he can take his body up and move it up where we can’t go.
We’ll have him doing all kinds of things before he’s back down here!
He’s going to see different cultures that we can’t see because he is a different species.
Because the way you see is different than the way I see.
What I’m seeing is different from what you’re seeing.
We’re looking at the same thing but it looks different.
His name is a butterfly, The Flying Butterfly From Another World!
He’ll see things differently because he’s looking with a natural eye.
When he goes around making the bees-ing sound, we can’t see him but we can hear him.
Buzzzzzzzing. Hummmmmmming.
When you hear the sound you better get out of the way! He’s going to sting you!
I used to get stinged a lot. I’d be playing with them and I’d get stringed but I didn’t know what was happening. They are just protecting themselves.
They’re afraid of us because we look and sound different.
They’re more afraid of us than we are of them.
They want to protect themselves.
And it’s the same thing when they come to visit us.
They still don’t know who we are or what we look like.
It’s like when you see someone you haven’t seen before and you’re afraid.
Tru to approach them.
Try to shake their hand and get acquainted with them.
He’ll buzz around and make a buzzing sound.
Make some kind of friendly gesture.
Try to sing and talk to them.
Whatever kind of sound they make, we’ll imitate that buzzing sound!
Whatever they do we have to do that too!
To get acquainted.
Imitate what they might be doing, but I don’t know what that is!
We have to find out!
They are humming - no no no - They are fluttering!
And we have to imitate that and if they talk we have to talk like them.
That will help us by getting acquainted with them.
Their stinger, that’s their defense right there.
Just keep buzzing around him, that means we don’t want to bother them.
They’ll find a way to let us know they don’t want to bother with our culture!
We have to find out more about them so they will learn about our culture.
And we’ll all work together.