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Mary and James

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Mary and James are both 7 years old. They were born and raised in Indiana. The story takes place on a farm in front of a barn. Mary and James are playing hide and seek with each other. Mary is explaining to James how to play hide and seeks the proper way. Mary and James are twins, they share a birthday on January 7th. Mary and James come from a small family, it's just them and their mother and father.

On their farm they have: sheep, cats, dogs, pigs, ponies but yet no cows. They have the biggest farm in Indiana.

Mary is holding a purse that helps her play hide and seek. James is interest in the purse as well but doesn't know what's inside the bag. The year is 1880. They are learning about free eggs in school. They go to a private school because it is paid for.

Mary is keep winning the games of hide and seek. James is feeling like he should win because he is part of the game.

their mom shouts at them from the house "Mary and James, come inside it is time for lunch." Mary challenges James to a race to see w