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The Day in the Life of Patches

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Someone got a new Wire Hair Fox Terrier, and she is getting into trouble.

Her name is Patches.

She's at the shoe store in Marques Almeida's Closet.

It's the 40's or 50's; looking at the type of shoes.

The look on her face like she's just been caught.

Someone told her to get away - the owner of the shoe store.

But patches doesn't want to leave.

She's just not thinking she has done anything wrong.

She's thinking what kind of style of shoe she wants - slip on.

Don't you have Hush Puppies?

Curious, she heard another dog bark.

The Dog Catcher comes.

She thinks all the shoes are hers.

The dog is suspicious.

Get them to a store that kids can use them.

If she can't have them, someone else should.

We don't want the Dog Catcher getting her; if worse comes to it, patches will bite the Dog Catcher.

What am I going to do with all these shoes?

I'm going to wear them all!

This story was created by the Early Stage Social Club, Alzheimer's Association, January 23, 2019, Southfield, Michigan.