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The Happy Ending

They are skating. He’s trying to show her a trick.Their names are Mary and Brian. They are at a skating rink. They went for a cause, an ice storm benefit. People will sit in the chairs. They are practicing how to roller skate maybe for a competition. The competition will take place in New York or Chicago at a school. The competition is against a foreign country. Buy and ticket and go to the thing to find out! It might be something local. They might have a skating contest to beat the other team. The place is called Sarabi.

The parents will come and grandmothers and grandfathers. Everyone will be eating popcorn, telling jokes, and getting to know each other all day. Hot dogs and drinks, and talking about their skating rink.

He’s holding on to her back to give her support. They have been skating for a long time or a little bit. They went to school together and met at the skating rink. He said, “Would you like to go skating.” He probably asked her out for dinner and drinks at the Golden Coin. Brian is an instructor and she is a student. He is trying to direct her.

Skating uniforms are green and white, a white shirt with dark jeans. The girl outfit would be like the boy but in different colors. It would be pretty, little short skirt and tights.

Day of competition they are anxious, nervous, and antsy. They are talking about what they are going to do and saying prayers to God and to themselves to calm their nerves. Excitement, loud music, get to know each other. They are ready! They will do their routine to “You Make Me Feel Brand New” and they are dancing slow outside. The competition is ready! The announcers are a lady and a man and they do an introduction. Mary and Brian are practicing on the rink now and the announcers say, “We’d like to bring to you, Mary and Brian!!!” Tell a little something about them.

Their competitors are Natasha and Yusef. They are from Zimbabwe. She has a shortness of clothes because it’s hot over there! Mary and Brian are jealous, they have to try to beat these people - or they are just happy even if they might not win.

The guests are visitors so they skate first. They twirl around to “Rock Me Baby” by BB King with a guest vocalist, Roe! Then Mary and Brian begin and Brian throws Mary up in the air and twirls her around and catches her before she falls down. At first the crowd was really nervous and went ooooohh, breathless until she landed. When she came down safe they shouted for joy! Then he twirled her around again and Gayle played the violin! Mary and Brian won. They got the trophy and the money for the charity, $1,000! We’re happy for Mary!