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Don’t Go in the Water

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There are two seals by the ocean. They are holding hands and going for a walk.
Oh: They’re penguins!
One is getting ready to tell the other they’re having a baby.
They’re walking but the ocean is frozen. It’s hard to tell where they are going. They went to find fish or they want to go swimming. It’s frozen over so they can’t go swimming.
They’re mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Penguin. Her babies are in her stomach. There are two. TWINS! A boy and a girl. Tim and Tilly. Mr. Penguin says, “Holy mackerel! Lord have mercy!”
They’re going to turn around and find a way to go back. They’re looking for the friends they were with - but they are swimming and already looking for fish. They found some food with their friends and they’re going to share their food. They’re going to laugh and share and eat the food.
She’s gotta go home and have the babies! They’re going home to Alaska. The water is their home.
There are a couple of other animals keeping their eye on them. They’re hungry too! There are other animals who want to protect the penguins but the penguins are food for the other animals! They have to stay out of the water. It is dangerous! Swirling! The water is turning over and over. You gotta stay out of the water - a snake! If Allie had gloves she would pick it up.
It’s not a snake situation - its a shark situation!
The water sounds like ooooohhhhhhhh….
The twins are going to grow up and have their own babies. Until there’s no one left on this earth. That’s what they do!