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One fine fall day, I was walking in the park and passed a pretty young lady. She was sitting on the bench under a shade tree. She was playing her guitar, playing so well and singing so softly. I stood there and listened to her for a few minutes. She noticed that I was standing there and asked me if I had a request. I requested for her to play "How lonesome I am". I sat down beside her and started signing with her, I was so amazed at her pretty. Then I asked if she would like to go to dinner, she said "Sure!". I then asked her for her name and number. I called her with I got home and asked if she'd like to go to dinner this evening. We met at Ruby Tuesday's. We got to know each other. Every time she talked I fell more and more deeply in love with her, it was like love at first sight. We dated for a year then decided that we wanted to get married. We got married and had ten beautiful children. We moved to the mountains and lived happily ever after. I'm so glad that I stopped at the park and listed to my beautiful, now wife