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Beach Dress Fool’s Play

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We’re at the beach in Atlantic City, NJ. See those pants hanging on the line--way in back? They’re drying there because there are no clothes dryers at the beach! (Arleen) It’s 1918--WOW--maybe 1930.

This is Elizabeth Pearls Parnos. (Della, Harvey) She’s Greek. She’s an actor--no, an actress. (Pat) Maybe she’s a gypsy. She can fly! She started off as a gypsy at the actress camp.

Elizabeth looks young. She’s about 28 or 30 or maybe 40. (Ellen) She has no gray hair yet. Her hair is black and she has brown eyes. She’s a brown-eyed beauty. (And so am I, says Gladys!)

She’s feeling happy because she’s free and because the birds and bees aren’t kicking sand in her face. She’s wearing the bathing suit of the times with a skirt on it. It’s black and gold and silver and white.

Elizabeth is married, we think, or maybe she’s single. She has two children, Bill and Sally, who are 10 and 7 years old. They’re not with her. She looks too happy to have kids.

Behind her is a photographer with a tripod or a step-ladder. (Dolores, Richard) She hears music; she hears JOY. It sounds like laughing. Something funny is happening. She looks like she’s in a daze like she’s thinking of something beautiful--of flowers. (Ellen) She’s posing to look good in the picture. They’ll develop the pictures in the lab. They’ll put the pictures in a magazine--Time Magazine or Ladies Home Companion.

And her kids will be so proud of her. We all agree!