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    The loving Father

    By the storytellers at Butterfly Unit, Simblija Care Home It happens at the Sea John's Beach on Long Island or Coney Island They're close to each other I was working on Long Island as a Pries... More »

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    The Happy Baby

    He’s ready for something - I don’t know what it is, but it’s something! A good hamburger! Put a little cheese on it. Mmmmmmm! Buzzing around, being nosy. You can call him The Hamburger Baby. H... More »

  • Beautiful Questions
    How we welcome new friends to our home

    Greet them. Get to know them. Open the door with love. Laughter and clapping to music. Give them a good meal like steak. Make spaghetti and have it with the steak. It smells real good. Mi... More »

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    Untitled Story

    The Happy Ending They are skating. He’s trying to show her a trick.Their names are Mary and Brian. They are at a skating rink. They went for a cause, an ice storm benefit. People will sit in the... More »

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    Don’t Go in the Water

    There are two seals by the ocean. They are holding hands and going for a walk. Oh: They’re penguins! One is getting ready to tell the other they’re having a baby. They’re walking but the ocean... More »

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    The Hummingbird - Yeah That’s Good: Snowflake

    This is The Butterfly Man! He is in the sky someplace. He flies along to all the places. He goes and sees people from different cultures out in space some place! He’s going to find something di... More »

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    Making Music

    One fine fall day, I was walking in the park and passed a pretty young lady. She was sitting on the bench under a shade tree. She was playing her guitar, playing so well and singing so softly. I st... More »

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    It’s a celebration and they are dancing. It looks like it’s Mexico and they are celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The woman is a grandma, she is dancing with her grandson. The people are having fun. Th... More »

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    Feeding The Chickens

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    Happy to be Out of School and in the Rain

    They came from school and the girl is still holding a bookbag and the boy behind her is holding a lunch box. Some of the boys left their shirts in the classroom. They are all playing a game in t... More »

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    Now It is Time to Go to Bed

    There is no snow but they are having their jackets on. It might be slick, so it probably is late fall. The man with the pipe is Joe. Joe got tired of walking and has his foot looked at. He needs... More »

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    It's Real Life

    His name is Happy Michael and his job is chasing gangsters. He is perspiring and wiping his neck. He is relieved because he caught the gangster. He thinks “Oh my job is over!” He has finished ea... More »

  • Girl and her Brother
    It-tifla tal-Bukett/ The Flower Girl

    by the storytellers at St. Vincent De Paul Day Centre She's carrying her son A sweet girl They're going to Mdina because its quiet there and noone sees them. They have a secret - they would l... More »

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    Don't Turn Your Back on Me!

    The man is waiting for a boat to take him where he wants to go. Maybe Hawaii... He has a folded overcoat with him. He is sitting on a bench waiting. He is a senior citizen - he gets the senior d... More »

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    Look Out!!!

    It is a plane. The lady found what she was looking for - out there somewhere. She has a monkey with her - maybe on her shoulder or her lap... The monkey is looking at the lady. The monkey is ve... More »