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    Girl playing a guitar

    A girl named Lolita was strumming her guitar nd she played "Autumn Leaves." She also played "Come Dance with Me." When she played "Autumn Leaves" she was uncomfortable and when she played "Come dan... More »

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    Girl and a Guitar

    The girl Lucy sitting on the bench played the song "Summertime." She was comfortable and well dressed. She had nice shoes and she liked to shop since all women like to shop. She lives in town. It l... More »

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    Girl with a Guitar

    A girl named Carol enjoyed the Fall weather and played "Happy days are her again." But she looks sad. She is from Puerto Rico. She plays alone and she wants to go home. (Facilitator plays "Happy ... More »

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    Happy Cowboy

    A cowboy named Rex loved to ride horses and play music. He played "Home on the Range." He lives in Wyoming and has a nice ranch. He is really happy. His horse is named lucky and likes treats. At ni... More »

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    TWO penguins are going for a swim to get themselves clean.They don't have far to go because the ocean is close by.They make a happy penguin bark as they head toward the water. The water rolling on... More »

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    The Welcome Mail

    George O'Hara was a mail man in 1945.He enjoyed making people happy with the mail that he delivered during the Christmas season. George delivered mail in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. He once delivered... More »

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    A Happy Christmas TalehHh

    Chaos happened a week after Christmas when the Smiths started to undress the tree. While they were in another room putting away ornaments Fido the dog and Samantha the cat had a good time knocking ... More »

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    Too and Fro

    Dad is showing his daughter Clara how to run the tractor. he said the first thing to do is sit on the tractor and put on your seat belt. Be careful so you don't fall off and don't go to fast so you... More »

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    Home Sweet Home

    On the farm in the 30's it is fall and they have what they needed. The Locker farm has cows, horses, chickens, eggs and wheat. Grandpa and Grandma and all the kids live, and work together. The al... More »

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    Big Fish Tail

    Once upon a time, me and my boyfriend went fishing. He caught one and it got away from him. It was about as long as his arm, it was a big ole fish. He casted his fishing pole out again and noticed ... More »

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    Morning Outing

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    On The Farm

    On the country farm early on a fall day on the Detter farm, A husband and wife with their two kids. The family have fun on the farm, they have a good life with the cows and the horses and ducks. I... More »

  • What could go wrong?

    It is October, the leaves have changed to beautiful autumn shades of gold, red and orange. Cindy and Nora helped their parents rake all of the colorful leaves into a huge pile. Cindy's eyes are g... More »

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    The Doggy Date

    The two dogs are facing each other. Rex is on the right. He is the one with the bandana and is six years old. On the left is his girlfriend, Banana, who is younger, about 4. They are bonding and ta... More »

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    Better Late than Never

    This is Hank or Fred. Or he looks like an Eric to me. He is dancing. And singing! He looks like a dancer. He is running to a wedding or from a wedding! He could be a musician in the orchestra. ... More »