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    By Storytellers at Butterfly Unit - Session 2 They're playing Rugby He lost his umbrella It's not lost cos I can see it quite clearly It just dropped out of his hands. They're running for th... More »

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    Big Fish Tail

    Once upon a time, me and my boyfriend went fishing. He caught one and it got away from him. It was about as long as his arm, it was a big ole fish. He casted his fishing pole out again and noticed ... More »

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    Movie Matinee

    By the storytellers of Havenwood Heritage Heights Halloween! They're going under the water. She's snorkeling in the ocean - a blue one. There are only so many oceans. She's in the South Pacifi... More »

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    God Help Us

    By the storytellers of Havenwood Heritage Heights This looks like a good afternoon. I think they want to be on the stage - I think they are on the stage. They're not used to that, the dress is... More »

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    A happy girl

    She jumps up in the air for joy, it’s a happy girl who is called Johanna or Angeline. She is on the beach. Lucie says: she jumps up in the air for joy. Beebs: she plays Frisbee with another woman o... More »

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    A Big Fish

    I did quite a bit of fishing. I love my windows open. I love the sunshine. My wife had already married once before, but then she chose to marry me. She wasn’t much into fishing. I caught a lot... More »

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    Coco & Mary Ann well known adventures

    The story includes two females name Mary Ann and Coco. One is the instructor and one is the student. It take place on a stage in a studio on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood California. It is the year 1... More »

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    L. Ward

    The story takes place around here at a lake in Virginia. His name is L.Ward. L.Ward is part of the medical staff going to see someone to help. He driving around on a boat because the highway is to ... More »

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    Duel in the Sun

    By the storytellers of The Huntington Alfred and Clementine There's something wrong here:the woman has good form but the man is holding an arm across him chest with his foil in the other hand ... More »

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    Owsley County

    Gone fishing literally means you've gone fishing. I would go fishing in Owsley County, where I'm from. I popped popcorn in that county when I was a young man, in my 30s and 40s. I had plenty of... More »

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    Two Dolls

    These two ladies are sword fighting. Their names are Sally and Calli. They’re in Japan in the 1890s. They know each other. They took training together. Sword fighting has to be trained, you kn... More »

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    The Rehearsal

    It must be a stage production somewhere. It’s a play. They are having a duel. They’re trying to kill each other. But it’s a put on. There are friends in the back just watching. No one is really in... More »

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    Is it really cold there?

    He is on a ski trip with his dog. Mrs. B believes he's being pulled by the dog but Mrs. A and Mr. L believes the dog is just following him around. They all think this picture was taken in Alaska ho... More »

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    May the Best Team Win

    By the Umbutu Storytellers They are playing baseball. They have a back stop--a catcher behind the batter. The batter is lining up himself. Looks like he's trying to make a home run. They are... More »

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    I MADE IT!

    The year is 1951 and it is the day of the big charity race at Woodburn High School. They are trying to raise money for the Athletics Dept. The leaders of the pack are... More »