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    Elizabeth was finally going to take all of her kids to the circus; this meant her human kids AND her goats. Elizabeth had told her mother she had this plan, her mother shook her head, saying... More »

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    John Robinson’s Circus, Whoever He Was

    By Imogene, Chriss, Ada, Doug, Tom, Jane Aug. 28th, 2018 Eastcastle Place Elephants and the circus performers look like they are out there with the other animals. They are going to try to make... More »

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    Cinderella & The Big Heavy Weight Fight

    One day Cinderella got tired of looking for a fella. She met a few elephants at a party. She loved it. Her new friends names were Unlucky, Scared, Boss, Big Boss, and Rodie the Baby. The party was ... More »

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    Hair,Needles and Flappy Ears

    There were elephants at the zoo, oh how I wanted to ride one but my sister was chicken. She was so scared she said he was too big and he would run away with her. I got on the elephant and started ... More »

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    Running Away to Join the Circus

    This story takes place in 1910 in Kansas in July. Mike, the oldest brother, and his brothers Paul, Frank and Charlie and sister Emily all ran away from home to join the circus. They took two of t... More »