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  • What could go wrong?

    It is October, the leaves have changed to beautiful autumn shades of gold, red and orange. Cindy and Nora helped their parents rake all of the colorful leaves into a huge pile. Cindy's eyes are g... More »

  • What could go wrong?
    He is Wrong For Me

    He better take his medicine. You better get it and keep it cuz Erfin and others is out. And, it ain't nothing. Bless the Lord too. He ain't nothing but a big jelly chair. He just stand and thr... More »

  • What could go wrong?
    Fun Times

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  • Karma
    What is Karma?

    "The bible says 'You reap what you sew', and I think karma works the same way. If you do good to people, then that good will find it's way back to you. It might not be the exact same goo" "Karma... More »

  • First Time
    In the Field

    A lonely soldier wearing a lampshade who was kissing bamboo apparently appeared to be in shock. He was not sure where he was, the last place he was in was China or some Tropical isle. Tole... More »

  • First Time
    The first time I went on holiday

    By the Storytellers at Simblija I was scared being in an aeroplane - especially the take off. When it's summer here, it's winter there I went to Lourdes - it's very Holy. I cried when I wen... More »

  • First Time
    The first time I went to school

    By the storytellers at Simblija (Pat)I cried that day - cos I left my mum - even I ! We were a mixed school - boys & girls at St. Catherine's (Richard) My mother made me bread with Kunserva ... More »

  • What does JOY mean to you?
    The Joy of Life

    Eric~ Joy to the world? Joy for life! Cheerful, kindness, you know it means to be a good happy person. Vera~ Happiness! I like coming to school, I like all of you! I get happy because I talk to ... More »

  • Last Straw
    The Last Straw was when....

    Quan--When I had to get two cars in one month. When she thought she could talk to me like a little kid. When the bus rolled past and saw me running. Karen--When he lied to me. Pam--When I was ... More »

  • Connection
    To connect

    By the Storytellers at Simblija Care Home Connection To put together When you haven't seen someone for many years When you remember 'I haven't called my brother in many years' I dictated an... More »

  • What does JOY mean to you?

    Joy ,Joy there are many things that bring joy, but being able to see my wife and see her smile everyday is what fills me with joy. The many things she does during the day and yet always has a smile... More »

  • Karma
    Karma will bite you in the butt

    *Members laughed when hearing the theme. They all got excited for the topic* I like karma, I like to do nice things for people. If I get cranky, I try not to be too mad. I try to control myself.... More »

  • Karma
    We are lucky

    Inevitability. That’s true. If you do good things, you get good things. If you do bad things, you get bad things. It’s manifestation. You don’t throw stone for stone. You might get thro... More »

  • First Time
    First times

    Diana: …The first time I came here I was scared. I stayed scared for a while. And then they became more friendly. Pat: The first time I came here I felt cold. Did the happy dance—float in the... More »

  • Last Straw
    3, coffee pots, 1 transmission, and a bank fee

    The coffee never brewed. I guessed the pot had had it. Went to the basement and got the spare coffee pot that I had gotten cheaply at a yard sale. What! It doesn't work either. Yikes, had to buy... More »