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    A Surprise

    Orville the mailperson. So he is sorting out the mail to put in the slot. He's making sure he has the right packages for the house. He is happy and thinking about the people that will be getting it... More »

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    Chanukah On Leave

    It's 1 pm on a brisk afternoon, in the 1940s, or maybe even 2010. A soldier on leave from Ft. Dix, New Jersey is outside his barracks, or a schoolhouse. He's got time, you can see from the one stri... More »

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    Christmasmail or Santa Claus brings Christmas gifts

    He is called Putte, he is a mailman or postman who delivers letters, christmasletters or Christmas presents. Or is it Advent mail, he hands out. He feels happy, he sees the bow on the door. We are ... More »

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    Flag Day in Washington, D.C.

    John Knox is holding an American flag to celebrate Flag Day. He's standing straight and being very patriotic. He looks like a President. He's waiting for someone to come along who has something to ... More »