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    Yeehaw! I love the beach. Makes me feel like flying. Saw this spaceship comin' my way and thought I'd hitch a ride to another galaxy. Beam me up Scotty! More »

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    Marge Takes A Holiday

    After many years, Marge decided to take a long-awaited vacation to the beach. After her husband died 3 years ago, she couldn't bear the thought of going anyplace without him, but her best friend fi... More »

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    One Sunny Day

    That's Christine's mother. She is at the frisbee championship. It's in Playa del Carmen. You can tell it's in the islands somewhere because the water is so blue and the sand is so white. And the um... More »

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    Sunday on the Beach

    Down by the sea in the summertime, Susie played with a frisbee. She is there because there is a lot of interesting things to do, including being sand burned and streanous exercise. She's from somew... More »

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    A Gal in Motion

    She is trying to catch a football. She is in the backyard. Her name can't be newspaper. Her name is Exercise. She is from Wisconsin. She is trying to catch a ball or throw it. She wants to t... More »

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    A Graceful Dive into the River

    A lady is at a lake and there's a bridge. It looks like feet and legs sticking out of the water. She is getting ready for a race. It's a cloudy day, there's rough water, and she is going from som... More »

  • Tom catches the home run

    Jimmy has taken his team to the championships each year with his ability to hit home runs. Today he has arrived late but he knows he will defeat the Bears. Part of the reason he didn't rush is beca... More »

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    Lucky for Jill

    She is Jumping Jill. She's a show-off! She's at the Atlantic Ocean. She's from San Fransisco. Is she from Denver? She's from the Old Country. She's catching something. It look like she's... More »

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    A Day at Myrtle Beach

    There’s an elderly lady in the air, catching a Frisbee. She’s throwing a discus around. She’s trying to catch the Frisbee in the air. I don’t think she can jump that high. That’s way too high!... More »

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    I'm all wet

    It's a sunny, hot day and I want to get cooled. The lake really attracts me and I can't help myself and so I'll jump in the water. It's a good thing that I know how to swim and I plan to enjoy myse... More »

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    Flying on the beach

    There was a woman named Zelda... It's Marilyn Monroe. It looks like her legs anyway.  It looks to me like she's a lifesaver cuz there's a lake  down here. She's puttin' on the dog. There's a b... More »

  • Back, back, back...

    Bottom of the ninth, the Bears lead 1-0, but the Cats are threatening. Runners on second and third, when Zipperelli lifts a long drive to center, back, back, back--luckily the outfield fence paint... More »

  • P L E A S E Go In!

    Paul was always one who chose to stand out above the rest of the team. "You're gonna go places and do things no one else has done," his Papa used to tell him. For years he's been trying to figure... More »

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    Betty takes a dive

    It's a sultry Friday afternoon in Long Branch, New Jersey, and Betty just got off work at Madison's Stationery Shop where she's waited on customers for 36 years. She loves her work, especially bec... More »

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    Take me away

    Wheeeee! I can fly with my magic red disk. I've dreamed of doing this my whole life. Just a few minutes ago, I was just another old lady strolling down the beach when I spied the disk half burie... More »