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    communing with nature

    This person has just lost their spouse. They were only married less than 5 months. The spouse was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks after their honeymoon and died a day short of their 5 month weddi... More »

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    Smarty Pants and Muscle Man

    The two boys are going to have a fight. They are at school on the playground. Bud and Bane are friends though. Bud wants to be a champion diver and turn somersaults. Bane thinks he is better. ... More »

  • Tom catches the home run

    Jimmy has taken his team to the championships each year with his ability to hit home runs. Today he has arrived late but he knows he will defeat the Bears. Part of the reason he didn't rush is beca... More »

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    Beach Dress Fool’s Play

    We’re at the beach in Atlantic City, NJ. See those pants hanging on the line--way in back? They’re drying there because there are no clothes dryers at the beach! (Arleen) It’s 1918--WOW--maybe ... More »

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    Going Seperate Ways

    It is autumn and getting colder. There is grass in the background. We see a mother or a sister, and she just said something to a boy. “I hope he looks back this way” she says to herself. These ... More »

  • Back, back, back...

    Bottom of the ninth, the Bears lead 1-0, but the Cats are threatening. Runners on second and third, when Zipperelli lifts a long drive to center, back, back, back--luckily the outfield fence paint... More »

  • P L E A S E Go In!

    Paul was always one who chose to stand out above the rest of the team. "You're gonna go places and do things no one else has done," his Papa used to tell him. For years he's been trying to figure... More »

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    Where did I put the car?! I never should have bought the Nissan Leaf. More »

  • Grandpa Roundman stands tall

    Grandpa Roundman had fake legs. He'd let me put them over my tiny legs and walk around his apartment. He'd laugh as I tumbled around on his carpet. He didn't always have prosthetics, he had lon... More »

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    Pretty Lady Standing in the Water

    (TOLD by Virginia, 87) This is on a beach - almost looks like snow. Is it snow? It would be hard for me to decide - I think. From looking at her clothes,it looks like Spring cause she is without ... More »

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    Untitled Story

    The horizon tucked behind the green blanketed hillsides and little Billy muttered to his dog Jasmine, "Come on girl, we've got a ways to go." More »

  • The Falls Story or The Lucky Winners

    Never step on the top step of a ladder! Joe Disaster is going to catch the ball. He's going to jump off the ladder. He's going to land right on his bottom. We think this is happening at the end of ... More »

  • North Branch is Sweet

    Hes on a ladder. His name is Sammy. He was born in North Branch, Minnesota. Hes down on top of the ladder. Hes got one arm on the other side of the fence. Hes holding something in his other ar... More »

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    Date Night

    Edna is going to a dance tonight wearing her new dress that she so proudly shows off to everyone. The VFW is putting on a dance at the local nightclub and Edna's boyfriend Jim ask her to attend. ... More »

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    STORY 2 Two Boys on The Beach (PICTURE #27) Two boys are playing on the beach, or fighting. Maybe they are searching for superiority. But, we hope they are playing. The boys are on St. Pete Beach, ... More »