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    Happy Reunion

    I see senior citizens being taken care of. Grandma is dancing with her grandson, John. This is some sort of dance. They have a reason for dancing. They are happy! Music! Spanish people. Happ... More »

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    Out in the Country

    Bessy is out in the country but I don't know exactly where. Machinery. Helicopter. It is going out over the pasture, into the fields. It's for a cause. Bessy is just an outdoor type, operating... More »

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    Sonny and His Friend

    Sonny is eating cookies. A variety, maybe strawberry. Eating cookies makes him feel good. The dog, named Puppy, sticks out his tongue and wants to taste the cookie. He is thinking about how goo... More »

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    The Happy Dance

    On the Galveston beach. Her name is Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. "How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row." She is wearing old-fashioned, not ... More »

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    Happy Family

    Butterfly. Bill has two handles on his walking stick because he has a bad back. Looks like he's out for a walk. Downtown. Butterflies! Stores! People! He is 100 years old. Bill want... More »

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    God Bless America

    Excitement. Wonder. Ladies feet. Shoes! Pretty nice. Red, black, tan, white. They're going to entertain. A song. Music. Horns are blowing! Lights! Music! Action! They're singing ... More »

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    Happy Birthday

    Celebration. Pouring Drinks. People are there to entertain. This young man is here to dance with this woman, his mother...making it a fun time. He loves to dance and get together all the time. ... More »

  • What would you say to your town?
    What would you say to your town?

    Beautiful. Friendly. Nice. Home of Blue Bell. Blue Bell Ice Cream! Good...I still like vanilla the best! Chocolate. Strawberry. Butter Crunch, paired with cookies. Bluebonnets. Go... More »

  • Beautiful Questions
    What Does it Mean to be a Grown Up?

    What does it mean to be a Grown up? We get to do things now when we didn't have provisions before. FREEDOM! Getting your driver's license-oh, yes! We used to go places that we didn't go... More »

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    Joy at the Beach

    Her name is Joy. She is at the beach. Noon, maybe 1920. She is relaxing, having fun. She hasn't been swimming yet. She's wondering if she is going to. She left her picnic lunch at home. Joy ... More »

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    Beautiful, Happy Baby

    Warm. Happy. Precious. His name is Precious. My mother had a picture of a baby in a basin. Smart little baby, who came from heaven. He was sent from God to show how sweet babies can be. Ha... More »

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    Brave Woman: First to Fly an Airplane

    Maureen Jean Wilson. She's takin' a ride in her airplane. 1950. She's afraid because the plane is open. She could fall out. She fears animals in front of her, pretty much any kind of animal t... More »

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    Friends on the Beach

    On the beach in Galveston. Playing in the sand. Getting in the water. Little rocks...ANTS! (laughing) The waves are splashing, rolling up. The water feels cold. You want to get out, go to t... More »

  • If your foot could talk, what would it say?
    Walking in Air

    If my feet could talk, they would say... I'm tired. I hurt. I want to skip. Take my shoes off! My nerves hurt deep down. Hot dogs! If my feet could thank me, they would say... Good sh... More »

  • Beautiful Question
    What does joy mean to you?

    Joy is... -being with my children and grandchildren. -having my family together. -love. -going to church. -being together with all the family. -happiness. Joy sounds like... -Christma... More »