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Arthur's cold and stressed. His heat went out in his apartment. His wife is pregnant. And the dog is puking all over the place. His laundry is on a bench, wet. He was so cold, he climbed in. There was a crowd...(Read More)
Laura, Guerrilla man, Addy (the baby), Bob, and LaLa girl are going to the therapist. Guerrilla man is turning into a Guerrilla.He needs a therapist for help. The therapist says "you are not going to turn into a...(Read More)
James George, who is a teenage or in his early twenties, is proposing to Maria Mona Lisa with a bunch of red roses. She looks either shocked, happy, or disgusted (or perhaps all 3). The other people taking pictures...(Read More)
It is summertime in the year 2020. Fred, wearing an orange hat, is celebrating his 89th Birthday with a party (Happy Birthday to you…). John, Fred’s grandson, is in the middle of the room dancing the chicken dance...(Read More)
My name is super dog. I can do anything. I jump tall buildings and fly through the air. But I would really love just to sit in your lap. I like to cuddle. The end.
The traveling baby appeared out of nowhere, in his own suitcase on the platform of the train station in Topeka. No one knew what his name was, so they decided to call him Sam, after Samsonite, the brand of luggage...(Read More)
This is lover-boy, he's always a happy boy. Look at him grin from ear to ear. He looks so happy. Somebody has been tickling his chin. He thinks he's going on a trip with his family.
A lady is at a lake and there's a bridge. It looks like feet and legs sticking out of the water. She is getting ready for a race. It's a cloudy day, there's rough water, and she is going from somewhere to...(Read More)
Two dogs are saying hello. They are dogs. They are called Alfie and Steve. They met each other at the park. They smell of dog. There is lots of car noises. They are going on a walk.
Wolf travels to the park with his master every Saturday morning. Wolf hates red lights. Every red light takes time away from the park and while he's waiting for a green light he doesn't get to feel the air going...(Read More)