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Johnny was always getting into trouble for playing with the contents of his mother's purse. One day the family played a game of hide and seek and his sister and brother were found but not little Johnny. After...(Read More)
Today is ride day. I see my friends in their people's car and sometimes in the truck. It's nice to see my friends in the comfort of these soft seats and having the wind in my fur. At times, at a stop light, we can...(Read More)
Susie was having a bad enough time adjusting to high school and her new home but now she's turning into an ape once a month. Yesterday she talked to her parents about it after turning into an ape for the first time...(Read More)
Sally was told not to go to the barn and definitely not to open the door without her parents because their animals would escape. Her parents went to fix the fence which had been shattered by the tornado the day...(Read More)
Our story begins in Louisiana on a Saturday afternoon. Rita is dancing up the storm because she ran into the band on the sidewalk and she had just won the lottery and is celebrating. Rita is feeling real good about...(Read More)
While out on a Sunday drive, two friends met. One quickly commented on his friend's zippy red bandanna and the fact that he must have recently obtained his driver's license. The friend's reply was that this was...(Read More)
Two dogs with two different owners went along for the ride on their owners errand runs. The traffic was very heavy and they were stopped for sometime. The two dogs both become a little bored and it was hot in the...(Read More)
They ran out of diapers. He's afraid he's going to get left behind on a trip. Or maybe he's trying to get his family to go on a trip. He's investigating what's in that great big bag - and he thinks it's really...(Read More)
My name is Buddy and this is the story of how I met my best friend, Freddie. One day my owner, Gwen was stopped at a red light after leaving the park where we had played all morning. We decided to call it a morning...(Read More)
he's 35!