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Let's call him jo bob.
Let's call him bag
On a sunny Sunday in Milwaukee, two cars stopped at a stop light. There was a dog in each car that needed some air and so they stuck their heads out the window and to their surprise found each other. The big dog,...(Read More)
They are going to Hawaii for the sun. They need three to arrive on the islands shores: food, shelter and transportation. With thought they have all three of those things. The only way they won't make it is if they...(Read More)
It is autumn and getting colder. There is grass in the background. We see a mother or a sister, and she just said something to a boy. “I hope he looks back this way” she says to herself. These two people are...(Read More)
It's a sunny, hot day and I want to get cooled. The lake really attracts me and I can't help myself and so I'll jump in the water. It's a good thing that I know how to swim and I plan to enjoy myself and cool off....(Read More)
He is ready to go. The Little girl, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is two. Maybe she was naughty. She is in a satchel. She dumped something. She is on a plane. It’s safer there. She is going to Hawaii. That would be a nice...(Read More)
Ginger (boy dog on the left) and Chee-Chee (girl dog on the right)(Barbie) are looking at eachother out the window. They're barking at eachother trying to have a conversation (Mary): Ginger: "I want to play with...(Read More)
Merry Josephine(on the right)and her sister Mary (on the left) are getting the kids' plates ready. "Merry" Josephine, as she is called because she was born on Christmas, is a good seamstress, taught her younger...(Read More)
This person has just lost their spouse. They were only married less than 5 months. The spouse was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks after their honeymoon and died a day short of their 5 month wedding anniversary....(Read More)