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Two dogs are talking to each other. Their owners are friends and they are on their way to the park for a run. The dogs' names are Willie and Sam. The dogs can smell the animals in the park from far away:...(Read More)
The scene: A crowded hotel basement in the Bronx. The year: 1966. The dancer: Mitzi Reinglass.
Her name is Guadalupe Ortega. She is talking to her husband Manuel. She is out of tomato las for the salsa verde. He was supposed to bring them when he got off from his other job. But he didn't being them. She is...(Read More)
My owner Dick was taking me on a drive one afternoon when we pulled up next to another car and I met the cutest darn pup I had ever laid eyes on! Her coat was a similar color to mine but it was so beautiful and...(Read More)
Buster, the dog on the left, is Barney's (the dog on the right) neighbor. They are both stuck having to ride around in their owners' cars, fight the nausea of motion sickness, and listen to that horrible rap music...(Read More)
Ok, now remember, if you leave the egg unguarded for a minute it will freeze. I know, I know, you know, I'm just sayin'. I left a few post-it notes for you in the kitchen and the bedroom. One in the garage. Well,...(Read More)
Boy's got himself in the cookie jar. Johnny, that's his name. Dog's name is Scotty. Cute thing, ain't he? His ma and pa's at work. Kid came home from school and climbed up on top the refrigerator to get the cookie...(Read More)
My person pulled up to a stop light and I couldn't believe my eyes; we stopped right next to that new retriever who moved in down the street. I said, "My name is Jackson! Who are you?" She said, "I'm Sadie. Do you...(Read More)
By Anne Sheboygan, WI Print Email It is the Year of the Rabbit. It is springtime, that’s when the rabbits and the flowers come out. He’s holding a bunny rabbit. It’s not a real one. Maybe it is! Maybe it’s the...(Read More)
The cars are at a stop light and the dogs are talking to each other. The windows are down and the dogs are saying woof woof as they stick their heads out the window.