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By the storytellers at Butterfly Unit, Simblija GardensThey are racing at the Msida Stadium.At the back it looks like a Circus Tent.Those are Navy personnel, or the men from the Air Force Services.It was before...(Read More)
George Burns was the owner of a beautiful 59 Ford Bel-air, which he would allow Gracie, his wife to drive. One of his favoite jokes was the time Gracie tried to teach the family dog Glassy to drive. Not may in...(Read More)
As the light turn red Goldie leaned out the car window and said, “Hello, I’m Goldie, I’m new in town, what is there to do for fun. Any mean dogs I must watch out for?” “A Mean cat, only cat in town who is the...(Read More)
Grandma Susan and Christopher enjoy a fall morning in the warmth of her little kitchen. Christopher watches as grandma puts the finishing touches on the apple pie she has made for their dinner desert. Christopher...(Read More)
This chair sits towards the front of the classroom. It didn’t bet banged up much, not like the chairs in the back of the room which get drawn on and banged up a lot more. Professor Ichabod Crane taught English...(Read More)
These two clowns they look like they could be from the circus but not these two they are not like the ones we normally envision, not the big top clowns, but street clowns. The clowns you see at the fair. Oh my,...(Read More)
Big Creek Wisconsin, Mr. Toad has just been rescued from captivity by our twelve-year-old hero Donny Thomas. “Good Ole’ Donny!” Mr. Toad had been held captive by the famous French Chef, Chef Boye R. Dee, who had...(Read More)
We are in a barn when the chickens are hungry. I don't know who the person is but she has chickens like I do. I will call the chicken Betsy.The girl might be going to feed Betsy, but Betsy is hiding behind the...(Read More)
A woman with a mask waits for her adventure to begin. Alma is her name, she is going skin diving, not diving in your birthday suit, you wear a wet suit and dive into the deeper waters of a lake. Our story takes...(Read More)
This is a wonderful story. They are laughing and giggling a lot. Why is there red? The one dog has a red bandana and the other one does not. The one with the red says "Ahhh....gotcha with the bandana." Uh-oh, the...(Read More)