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These dogs have royal blood in them as they are part of the kingdom in France. They are stationed at the royal palace and they enjoy watching their master ride on his white horse . He is a guard at the back gates...(Read More)
There is an old gentleman showing his age walking on the sidewalk with a cane. There is a metal fence behind him. He is very lonesome and wondering what the next step will be. His name is Edgar. He is lonesome...(Read More)
Sweetie Pie is in a purse. He is with his mother. He’s laughing and is about 7 months old. Sweetie Pie is thinking “How the Hell will I get out?” He looks onery. He climbed in and now wants Mama and something to...(Read More)
His name is Ezra. He is at an outdoor theater at 7 pm on a Saturday late summer.He's tired because hes been running around enjoying the performance. His granddad took the picture, his granddad named Jerry. Hear...(Read More)
Our story begins in the 1970s in Alaska during the springtime. Two best friend penguins, Olivia and Oliver, are holding hands and looking into the water. These two get along really well, so they decide to find...(Read More)
By the storytellers of Butterfly Unit, Simblija GardensThey're called George Anna and they're from Rome in Italy. I like it there !They're feeling romantic and he's saying 'I love you' cos he's looking at her...(Read More)
It’s in the city about the size of Carlisle. The buildings aren’t skyscrapers. People are wearing shorts, there are bicycles, so it is summertime. Her luggage came open. She was in a hurry and it wasn’t latched...(Read More)
He has a falcon or a buzzard. The beak looks like a buzzard. But the feet look like a falcon. It’s much larger than a falcon. The bird is named, Flying High. The man’s name is Bird Man. The bird is looking at...(Read More)
This little boy's name is Brian and he is flying his airplane in the backyard with his brother Richard. His family is nearby and they enjoy his energy ! His mom and dad like to take him swimming and they said he...(Read More)
Big Eyes Facilitated by Jeff Brown ED July 26, 2021 Harry is a manager. Harry also has a pet eagle crow named Pretty Boy. Harry has been training Pretty Boy. They have come to downtown Hagerstown on this fall day...(Read More)