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The little boy's name is Timmy. He is flying a plane made out of paper. He likes planes and to have fun with planes. He wishes he was on a plane. That's why he's flying it. He wishes he was on it! He looks happy....(Read More)
This is a Good Looking Teddy Bear. His name is Tubby, and his owner is a little boy named Teddy. They both live in Ohio, in a city called Lima. He is sitting on a bike, in the town square and he and Teddy enjoy...(Read More)
This man is a musician, and he's clicking or... drumming on the... well, I want to call it something you strum on. He's thinking that he likes to strum, and to sing to the person that is standing next to him....(Read More)
The dogs are rubbing noses. They"re saying what are you up to today. The dogs are smiling at each other. The smaller dog is a female named Patty. The other bigger dog is named Freddy. They met at the red stop...(Read More)
By: Amelda, Mary, Dorothy, Brenda, and JoannIts Summer time on town square and Joy and her parents? That is her parents? Judy and John are playing and singing music outside a restaurant. John plays country or...(Read More)
This Grandmother, named Geraldine Louise Mussleman, is dancing with her grandson named Issac. They are outside dancing on their patio and Geraldine's great - grandchildren , Scotty and Tom-Bobby, are the 2 little...(Read More)
Cheeky Charlie has found the biscuit barrel.Woody the dog is licking his thumb.The dog is not licking his thumb, the boy isNo it's the boy !His family has run away and left himWe don't know yet if he is in...(Read More)
IseeSUPERDOG! He’s grandma’s favorite pet! He’s a feisty littleSuperdog. He was hanging around in the laundryand came out of the laundry wearing a towel cape.He is playful and chipper. His superpower is that he...(Read More)
The boy is leaning against pillows. He has food in his hands. He is in bed. It is 9 o'clock at night and it is scary. Pouring rain and there is thunder and lightning. Terrible night to be up and looking around...(Read More)
Once upon a time there was a gentleman who wanted to go flying. He called a friend and asked if she wanted to go flying. She said yes. They are flying to the wild wild west. She should have a dress. The dress is...(Read More)