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I've always admired tan ears.
It's a sultry Friday afternoon in Long Branch, New Jersey, and Betty just got off work at Madison's Stationery Shop where she's waited on customers for 36 years. She loves her work, especially because it always...(Read More)
Where did I put the car?! I never should have bought the Nissan Leaf.
Melvin Ombuster has his eyes on the stars. His friends all collect Pokemon cards, but he only has eyes for building the perfect paper airplane. He builds them and throws them. Builds them and throws them. He once...(Read More)
two old friends have a chance meeting.
It is the Year of the Rabbit. It is springtime, that’s when the rabbits and the flowers come out. He’s holding a bunny rabbit. It’s not a real one. Maybe it is! Maybe it’s the Easter Bunny! His name is Charlie My...(Read More)
Although a crowd waited eagerly for Alice and Gert to declare that the pie table was open for business, pie placement cannot be rushed. These two friends had taken charge of the pie table back in 1978 when the...(Read More)
Max sees her. Petunia-Sally sees Max. He is panting, she is salivating. "Ruff?" Max asks Petunia Sally. "OK," Pentunia-Sally says. I'll tell Bob to pull over. And the rest was doggone history. They lived a dog's...(Read More)
He's throwing a paper airplane. He wants to see how high and how far it can go. His name is Johnny Qwikster; he has a mother and father and an older sister named Nettie. His parents must be pretty preppy because...(Read More)
(TOLD by Virginia, 87) This is on a beach - almost looks like snow. Is it snow? It would be hard for me to decide - I think. From looking at her clothes,it looks like Spring cause she is without a coat. But she has...(Read More)