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In the snow, in the Alps. Based on his the snow, in the Alps. Their sure not in the Alps! I think their farmed. He's farming with a dog. Hans is the man. I'm going to look at the man. There are no...(Read More)
We are in a crowded dive dark smokey Bar/ TheaterThe patrons are cheering about the self-absorbent passionate SparkleSparkle is acting a parody about the “DIVAS of FLAMENCO”Sparkle has a broken heart about a past...(Read More)
First LoveThe dogs that fell in love. One day a car pulled up and when I looked down, look what I saw, the dog of my life, Hector. Easter says, "I'm so glad I have my best scarf on."It's the first time they've...(Read More)
At the dumpDirtyHe's thrown awayForgotten bearHe's bruitingHe's a pretty dogIt's a bearForlornHe's aloneBlack cloudsHe's very coldLonelyHe's not threatenedBeing very quietHis master is nearbyFallNo green...(Read More)

Think of a game you played as a child. Can you...

Hide and Seek. Hop Scotch. Jumping rope. Volley Ball. Jacks.Kickball. Dodgeball - different rules. It was a free for all. you got to knock people around.Ring Around the Rosy - Singing and then "Boom"London Bridge...(Read More)

Where were you working? What sort of response...

I’m mad! A bedtime story. Johnny Buck Rodgers Flash Gordon is his name. He has a dog. President George W. Bush is his dad. He’s holding a Frankfurter. He’s got some cats and goldfish. Johnny is upset, nervous,...(Read More)
This is a story about a cute dog named Ruff. He is a super dog, and he's a very good boy to his owner. He's wearing his orange cape today, he probably likes it, but maybe he doesn't like it all the time. He might...(Read More)
By the storytellers of Restorying Lives - A community project in Mosta Day Care CentreĦa niġġieldu għalih -Ommu li jisimha Carmen Mary Rita jew Evelyn ghal mama tieghi, żgur ħa tiġġieled għalih. Mhemmx għalfejn...(Read More)
I don’t know where she’s going. She’s happy. She’s dancing. Shake what your momma gave you! This is Gilda. Behind her, the parents’ band. They’re playing, “Let’s Get This Done!” She better close her legs up a...(Read More)
It's the 1940's. During WWII. There are a lot of cars, horns honking - 'tooooot!' says Sandy. The train bells are clanging, the trolley is whirring. Nobody's talking, everyone is alone they are either arriving...(Read More)