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TimeSlips & Friends Present: A Year in Review

Watch our Annual Report, which happened on Facebook Live on Giving Tuesday, November 30th at 12:30pm CST/1:30pm EST. Anne Basting, Founder and Lead Creative Strategist of TimeSlips, kicked off an hour of shared accomplishments. We then heard from several people who embodied Creative Care with us in the last year. If you’re interested in supporting our work this giving season, please consider making a donation at: https://donorbox.org/timeslips

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Wisconsin Tele-Stories Project Celebration

Since April 2021, TimeSlips artists have engaged in creative conversations by telephone with 40 elders from the Central and Northeastern regions of Wisconsin. This online celebration marks the conclusion of this Tele-Stories project, and shares heartfelt stories from the calls as well as beautiful artwork inspired by elder caller participants. Hear from the artist facilitators, elder participants, as well as our aging service partners to get a well rounded view of our Tele-Stories programming.

This project was made possible by a grant provided by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies in partnership with Aroha Philanthropies, with support through the Wisconsin Arts Board.

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TimeSlips Spring Festival: Project Spotlight – DID and Duke University Students

This video was a part of the TimeSlips Spring Festival and streamed live on April 29, 2021.

If you could positively impact your life and others just by asking a beautiful question, would you? TimeSlips team member Kathy Hawkins sits down with Duke University students Arthi Kozhumam, Autumn Blamoville and Andrew Shin as they share how their lives have been impacted through their virtual engagement with elders in Durham County, North Carolina. The transformation will inspire anyone to connect more deeply in 2021.

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TimeSlips Spring Festival: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Student Artists-in-Residence

This video was a part of the TimeSlips Spring Festival and streamed live on April 27, 2021.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Artists-in-Residence, or SAIRs, were undaunted by Covid-19. Though safety precautions made it necessary for changes to be made in how they engaged with elder communities with whom they worked, students were able to connect in new and creative ways from which we can all learn. Join TimeSlips Founder, Anne Basting, as she introduces us to the UWM students who overcame the odds and continue to work with seniors as well as neurodiverse communities in creative ways.

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TimeSlips Spring Festival: Creative Resource Toolkit Showcase

This video was a part of the TimeSlips Spring Festival and streamed live on April 22, 2021.

TimeSlips team members Sam Goodrich and Andrew Morton will share a series of virtual as well as tangible resources and products that you can use to creatively engage with your community. Starting with the Shine Your Light project, developed for Linked Senior, and including new products about to be launched by TimeSlips, this session will provide participants with specific resources to support their role as caregiver.

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Year End Celebration Webinar 2020

Join TimeSlips Founder, Anne Basting, for our Annual Report and Giving Tuesday Celebration! Learn how TimeSlips supported elders living in isolation and care partners in long-term care and at home over what has been a hard year for all.

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Get Engaged! Introducing the TimeSlips Engagement Parties

This webinar was a part of our Creative Care Fall Festival and was recorded on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

At an engagement party, a host helps guests learn how creativity can be used to create meaningful moments of connection, ultimately improving the lives of older adults and their caregivers. Join Project Manager and Certified Trainer Andrew Morton for an overview of this exciting new project, an introduction to some of the new free Engagement Party resources and a conversation with project partners and caregivers who were part of the pilot phase of this project in Southeast Michigan.

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Artists in Healthcare: Collaborations and Complexities

This webinar was a part of our Creative Care Fall Festival and was recorded on Thursday November 12, 2020.

Duke University students from a range of majors – including pre-med, computer science, arts, and public policy – engage in service learning at eight community e-gathering sites as part of the citywide “Dementia Inclusive Durham” initiative. In addition to this field-based collaboration, students also learn about the historical context, economic conditions, and wide range of approaches to project design that underlie the growing subfield of arts in health. Join this student-led webinar to learn more about the variety of ways in which these studies and collaborations contribute to laying a foundation for sustainable and inclusive community engagement and intergenerational programming.

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HomeMade Zines: Artists Respond to Lockdowns in Care Communities

This webinar was a part of our Creative Care Fall Festival and was recorded on Thursday, October 29, 2020. As part of the Wisconsin Creative Communities of Care Project, training 25 nursing homes state-wide in creative care techniques, 5 regional artists were asked to put on a festival with the sites that they were paired with. When COVID-19 hit, plans changed and the artists decided to come together to offer sites creative workbooks, or zines, to provide activities for elders that could be done in their rooms without additional effort from staff. In this webinar, the artists share the zines and responses from the elders they were made for.

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Tele-Stories: Artists Connecting with Elders via Phone

This webinar was a part of our Creative Care Fall Festival and was recorded on Friday, November 6.

From August-October 2020, 10 artists worked creatively with 100 elders in Milwaukee county in an effort to reduce the increased isolation caused by COVID-19. These community-based, interdisciplinary artists are each trained in TimeSlips and provide meaningful connections to elders living at home, using a series of Beautiful Questions. The calls all inform a creative project, or “Legacy Gift”, that they create for the elders in honor of their conversations. Learn from the artist’s experiences and be inspired by the Legacy Gifts they have created.

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