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TimeSlips & Friends Present: A Year in Review

Watch our Annual Report, which happened on Facebook Live on Giving Tuesday, November 30th at 12:30pm CST/1:30pm EST. Anne Basting, Founder and Lead Creative Strategist of TimeSlips, kicked off an hour of shared accomplishments. We then heard from several people who embodied Creative Care with us in the last year. If you’re interested in supporting our work this giving season, please consider making a donation at: https://donorbox.org/timeslips

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Creative Care Institute Day 2: Creative Community Building Projects

Building community through creative engagement enlivens us, reminds us that we were meant to live in concert with others and inspires us to “think bigger”. Join Anne Basting, Ph.D., in this final session from the July 2020 TimeSlips Virtual CCI where she shares a vision for building communities, especially now, during lockdowns and quarantines.

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Creative Care Institute Day 1: Plenary Panel

“Why is this work important now?”

Moderated by Kathryn Washington

Panel includes:

  • Anne Basting PhD; President/Founder of TimeSlips; UWM Faculty; MacArthur Fellow
  • Lisa Cooper MD; PhD Public Health; MacArthur Fellow
  • Vijay Gupta Los Angeles Philharmonic; TED Senior Fellow; 2017 Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Fellow; Co-Founder, Street Symphony, MacArthur Fellow
  • Carmelita Karhoff Project Director, Dementia Inclusive Durham
  • Liz Lerman Founder, Dance Exchange; MacArthur Fellow
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Certified Trainers Elaine Maly and Kari Hanson share the journey of every day Superheroes they met in “regular” TimeSlips sessions. This creative engagement spawned a Superhero persona for each group member, a book launch (Fall 2019), and inspiration that continues to reverberate. Prepare to be inspired to find the superheroes among you!

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