Our trainees share their thoughts on the
power of connecting through creativity.

I love singing with the storytellers, seeing how they integrate songs into the stories, watching them teaching the students the songs. I love knowing that my students will be more caring and warm medical professionals because of these experiences.

- Laurie Lambeth, Certified Facilitator, Houston, TX

The biggest high point for me is, I have one resident that doesn't come out of her room much, so I do a room visit with her and when I visit she will ask me if I brought a story picture. Storytelling has helped bring her out of her shell, and it's something that she enjoys.

- Joyce W.; Activity Director, Ladysmith Care & Rehabilitation, Ladysmith, WI

Oh my goodness - the JOY and DELIGHT of the whole shared creative process is so uplifting - who can stop smiling? It affects everyone and ripples out.  

- Victoria Orlando, Certified Facilitator, Bridgewater, NJ

One of the participants proudly stated ‘I can’t remember, but here I can imagine’, which I found an incredibly moving testament to the power of this programme.

- Laura Menzies, Certified Facilitator, Falmouth, England

Having a master trainer to work directly with has been a real gift.

- Holly Osborne, Certified Facilitator, Fairview Park, OH

I did my first TimeSlips today.  I am still flying high. The residents loved it.

- Connie Thimmig, Director of Enrichment Services St., St Mary’s Home For The Aged, Manitowoc, WI

When I read their stories back to them, the residents’ faces light up. Thank you for developing such a wonderful way to foster creativity!!! It’s very fulfilling for the seniors and very rewarding for me!!!

- Carolina D., CTRS, SouthPointe Healthcare Center, Greenfield, WI

The online format was great, it is really nice to be able to work in the learning as you can versus giving a whole day or more to an away from work training. Staff at TimeSlips are enthusiastic and supportive.

- Michelle G., WI Veterans Home Ainsworth, King, WI

After a session a woman thanked me a thousand times with the following words: ‘I had to reach the age of 92 to be allowed to be part of something like that! Thank you soooo much!’ And then she gave me a hug - a really tight one ...

- Jeanette Waeldin, Certified Facilitator, Germany

Every time I walk out of a session, I walk out with a smile. I've learned so much about people with dementia throughout this process. I learned that creativity does not waiver throughout their illness.

- Kristina Brenner, student trainee, Certified Facilitator, Galloway, NJ

What do I like best about TimeSlips? The laughter!!! People/participants belly laughing together and encouraging one another!

- Madonna Sussex, Certified Facilitator, Gaylord, MI

I have truly enjoyed the laughter and friendship that has come because of this group. One participant has even taken the concept home to her family and states that now, on the weekends, her family uses old family photos to do this very same thing.

- Chelsey Lanter, Certified Facilitator, Burlington, NC

So many people with dementia are told that they need to try to remember certain things or that it is negative that they are changing cognitively. I think this approach is so wonderful because it throws the dementia stigma out of the window and makes a person with dementia just a person again.

- Lisa-Marie Serrone, Certified Facilitator, Bronx, NY

I have found that the TimeSlips approach is beneficial for less social residents; it helps create a bond of trust and friendship.

- Pam Murphy, Touchmark, Appleton, WI

One resident said he enjoyed TimeSlips because we 'do not force them to do anything in the activity.' I think that is a testament to returning a role to them with TimeSlips.

- Matt Estrade, Certified Facilitator, Covington, LA

I have seen my residents respond when all other tries have failed. This is an ideal program for our residents.

- Chana Dayne-Winer, Brookdale Community, Macon, GA

As a group of volunteers, I think we're all blown away by the pride our storytellers show when seeing the story, or hearing their ideas read back. We're so happy to facilitate, bringing smiles to their faces. The residents always ask us when we're doing the next story.

- Maddy Wahl, Volunteer, Community 360, Omaha, NE

The interspersing of interactive, kinetic activities with verbal presentations was thoughtfully organized. The integration of movement, poetry and songwriting was absolutely magical, the way each portion unfolded into the next, ultimately creating a unified, dazzling whole.

- Attendee, TimeSlips Create/Change Institute,

Revolutionary, joyful, inspiring, nurturing, helpful, fun, a shot in the arm!

- Zoe Bird, Create/Change Institute attendee, Teaching Artist, Minneapolis, MN

Invigorating! Exciting! Energizing! Great job everyone! I need to hang out with more artist-type people :)

- Jeanine Rowe, Create/Change Institute Attendee, UW Whitewater, Whitewater, WI

This training helped me with my patient encounters in medical school. When doing the history for my patients it almost felt like a storytelling session and helped me in terms of empathy and listening skills.

- Medical Student, Houston, TX

I absolutely loved TimeSlips! I hope to stay connected in the future and continue with it even when it is not required. I developed some wonderful relationships with people with dementia.

- Rebecca Willer, Student Trainee, UWM, Milwaukee, WI

I love volunteering with TimeSlips because I am also a CNA which doesn’t allow me to communicate with the residents I work with as much as I would like. TimeSlips gives me the opportunity to speak to the residents in a more relaxed environment and hear about their pasts. I have made multiple connections with residents and their family members through TimeSlips during my time as a facilitator. I look forward to volunteering every time because the residents never fail to put a smile on my face.

- Hannah Laemmrich, sophomore nursing student at UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

My experience with TimeSlips has been nothing but fun and exciting. Each week I look forward to seeing the residents and helping them be as creative as they want to be. I love how open this program is and how it doesn't limit the leaders or residents with the storytelling. I think the residents really enjoy TimeSlips because it removes the pressure to be correct that other activities may have on them. We always have a good laugh while telling stories and it allows us all to get to know each other well.

- Micaela Flores, Sophomore, Communications Major, UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Behind Anne Basting’s celebrated work in clinical settings lies a simple, transformational premise: the majesty of art and the mystery of life both flow from the same source. Everything that she does reflects this revolutionary belief.

- David Bridel, Dean, School of Dramatic Arts, USC, Los Angeles, CA

Basting contributed immeasurably to our project as a consultant. She frequently prompted us to consider questions that we hadn’t thought of and ways of reframing problems that suddenly opened up whole new areas of possibility, just by introducing a different word or concept. There’s a clarity and elegance to Anne’s thinking that signals profound expertise—she simply has thought through these topics (creativity, aging, connection) backwards and forwards. Being in dialogue with her shifts the paradigm of your own thinking.

- Megan Voeller, Director of Humanities, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Philadelphia, PA

Anne’s keynote resonated deeply with our audience of health professions students and faculty, many of whom—whether because of personal histories or professional insights—are concerned about how we treat our elders, both as patients and as people. Her presentation touched hearts while providing evidence, speaking to everyone in the room and leaving them energized to learn and do more afterwards.

- Megan Voeller, Director of Humanities, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Jefferson, Philadelphia, PA

On behalf of our whole education staff, I am sending along our sincere thanks to you for the professional development  training and your inspiring Keynote presentation. We learned so much from you both days and the feedback has been wonderfully positive.  Words like inspiring, valuable and enlightening were used to describe your presentation.  Your participation, expertise and heartfelt love for  what you do made the day a great success!

- Lisa Unander, Director of Education, Long Island Museum, Stony Brook, NY

EP is the best!

- Mindy, GBHI, DC