Creative Communities of Care

Go beyond training a few staff members. 

Make your organization a CREATIVE COMMUNITY OF CARE and transform the way you provide social programming. 


  • Have 2 Certified Facilitators for every 50 elders served. 
  • NOTE: we have bulk rates for our online training for Certified Facilitators



  • At least 2 Certified Faciltiators in your organization completes the following: 
  • Creative Asset-Mapping of your organization (people, places, systems, and partners)
  • Three Webinars on a variety of approaches to creative community building
  • A Project Plan for a creative community building project. 


  • Unlimited training (without certification) for family members, volunteers, and additional staff
  • Consulting with TS Master Trainers to build a sustainable, creative community of care 
  • Discounted access to additional certifications (due to turnover)
  • A plaque and access to logos upon completion

We have created a half-dozen creative, community building projects that improve relationships across residents, staff, families, volunteers and neighbors. Organizational trainees may use a template from one of our previous projects, or work with us to create a unique project for your community.  

Models include: 

  • The Penelope Project (inspired by Homer's Odyssey)
  • Questions of the Day
  • Little Women
  • The Crossings (performances to teach drivers to see and stop for pedestrians)
  • I  Won't Grow Up (an intergenerational look at the meaning and value of childhood at any age)
  • Student Artists in Residence
  • The Creative Trust

Our trainings have focused on congregate care settings as well as community-based organizations like Meals on Wheels and senior center systems.