From our Training Evaluations:  Would you recommend TimeSlips training to others?

"Yes! It is a wonderful program and to see the residents light up when they are sharing their imput on a story is wonderful to see the sparkle in their eyes as they feel meaningful and to see the response of the employees in how they connect with each resident is truly a blessing."

"Yes, because you get to witness miracles"

"Yes, it is a very unique way to open up not only the residents' creativity but also those that are involved in assisting the residents."

"Absolutely – I'm very impressed w/ how the web training component has been developed and operates...clear explanations, great inbuilt teaching/learning strategies, and engaging content via multisensory presentation. Thank you!"

"I can see myself recommending TimeSlips to others. Part of the method that I think is the most important is that it teaches you to listen. Even people not working with the cognitively impaired could find usefulness in that lesson."


"Yes. It's amazing to watch residents get excited and involved."


Feedback from the Field

"The revelation that 'I can't remember but I CAN imagine,' blessed my mind, heart, and soul."  
     --Dave Sheehan, newly diagnosed

"An appealing and easy-to-use trigger for families to create together by listening to each other in new and fun ways." 
     --Lisa Gwyther, MSW, co-author of 
     Living Well After the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

"I just wanted to congratulate you on what unfolded to become the very finest event I have attended all year. Your creative and inspiring presentation, especially the live demonstration, revealed a knowledge and generosity of spirit that touched my heart and will inform both my personal and professional relationships in the future."   
     --Nancy Vest, Home Instead Senior Care

"I really enjoyed the program and found the technique very creative and ultimately USEFUL."  
     --a training attendee