Nakita F.

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    Shark in the Water

    One fine sunny day, grandma and grandpa went to the beach for vacation. They were enjoying the weather and the nice warm water. They went for a swim, but didn't get to swim too long. They had only ... More »

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    Laundy is so Tiring

    Well, it was the day to do laundry and mother didn't have time to tend to Jeremy's wants. So, he went to the laundry room and climbed into the laundry basket and ended up falling a sleep. He had a ... More »

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    Christmas of 1978

    One fine Christmas morning, we were all sitting in the living room floor, beside the Christmas tree. There wasn't a single present under the tree. We were all upset, we thought that we had been too... More »

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    This is the Day to WIN!

    One hot summer day, Granny went out to the beach like she does everyday to practice her frisbee. More »

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    Little Adventures

    One very sunny day, my friend and I wanted to go to the lake. We got everything ready and loaded up. When we got to the lake there was a ton of people there, we didn't know if we were going to be a... More »

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    Christmas Decorating

    One day, I went stepped into the kitchen to check on my cake. I heard the dog chasing the cat in the living room. Then all of a sudden I heard a mighty crash. After I heard the crash I went back in... More »

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    Packed My Toys And Now I'm Leaving

    One crazy evening, mommy and daddy bought my sister some new toys and they didn't buy me any, at all. I decided that I was going to pack my bag full of toys and go to my Granny's. When I was headin... More »

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    Puppy Love

    One day, by chance, Cecil and Feebie met at the traffic light. They were both in the back seats of different cars, but were both going to the same place, the dog park. While sitting at the traffic ... More »

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    Snow Bybbles

    On one sunny snowy evening, Nina, Tina, and Phil were outside enjoying the sun and making bubbles. They were out of school because of the snowy weather. Every time they would blow a bubble, it woul... More »

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    Don't get your feet wet

    One day, we crossed the river on the homemade rock bridge. We learned that there is a short cut to get around the river, it was to walk across it. We walked over the rocks looking at how low the wa... More »

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    Visiting Family in Mexico

    One day, a long long time ago, my family and I went to visit aunt Jaumomma and uncle Fester in Tijuana, Mexico. We traveled around 8,000 miles, one way, just to visit them. Of course, we had to sto... More »

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    Barn Yard

    Once on a big farm, in the middle of Virginia, a sow laid in pain. She had carried her baby piglets for months. After long days of dragging her big belly, she was ready to give birth. The farmer ... More »

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    The little girl that ran away

    One hot summer day, my whole family was at grandma and grandpa's, having a birthday party for my ma and pa. Their birthdays are just a few days apart. Everyone cooked different types of food and br... More »

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    The End of the Toad

    One nasty, rainy day by the lake, we were fishing. We were all just sitting around waiting for a bite or a nibble and all of a sudden we hear a really loud ruffling noise, it was a toad frog! Littl... More »

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    Big Fish Tail

    Once upon a time, me and my boyfriend went fishing. He caught one and it got away from him. It was about as long as his arm, it was a big ole fish. He casted his fishing pole out again and noticed ... More »

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    Lone Gun

    Once upon a time, John was in the cow pasture. One of his cows was having a baby, so he was standing by to make sure that everything went good. After standing there for a few minutes, he heard a lo... More »

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    Family Gathering Back in the Day

    Back in 1968, we were getting ready for a family gathering. Momma cooked for two days straight. She was so tired. She tried to make sure that she cooked all of our favorites, the moist turkey, the ... More »

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    Super Dog

    One day, my family and I were outside in our back yard swimming in our swimming pool, even our dog Kripto joined us. We were having a ball playing in the water. We were playing water ball and find ... More »

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    On a Date

    One sunny evening, a boy was on a date with his sheep. They were in Colorado, where men are men and sheep are scared. They were going on a date to the movies to watch the new Ice Age movie. He went... More »

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    Bed Time

    One winter night, little Joe was not sleepy. When he went to bed he took a snack with him, he had cookies and milk. He thought after eating the cookies and drinking the milk that he would be sleepy... More »

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    Dog on the Phone

    One summer evening, back in the day, I let my dog, Dolly, out to use the bathroom. When she didn't return we got scared! What did we do? Called the police, to try to find her. We described what she... More »

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    Making Music

    One fine fall day, I was walking in the park and passed a pretty young lady. She was sitting on the bench under a shade tree. She was playing her guitar, playing so well and singing so softly. I st... More »