Kari H.

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    The Happy Baby

    He’s ready for something - I don’t know what it is, but it’s something! A good hamburger! Put a little cheese on it. Mmmmmmm! Buzzing around, being nosy. You can call him The Hamburger Baby. H... More »

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    Untitled Story

    The Happy Ending They are skating. He’s trying to show her a trick.Their names are Mary and Brian. They are at a skating rink. They went for a cause, an ice storm benefit. People will sit in the... More »

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    The Hummingbird - Yeah That’s Good: Snowflake

    This is The Butterfly Man! He is in the sky someplace. He flies along to all the places. He goes and sees people from different cultures out in space some place! He’s going to find something di... More »

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    Don’t Go in the Water

    There are two seals by the ocean. They are holding hands and going for a walk. Oh: They’re penguins! One is getting ready to tell the other they’re having a baby. They’re walking but the ocean... More »