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    Lost in Love

    Passing of love. Maybe dog talking.Longing to be together outside of the cars. Love at first site. I wrov you. The car rides are ruff. We are just here for a quick paws. That's a cute scarf you are... More »

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    Larry the Leaper

    Larry The Leaper Larry the Leaper has very long legs and is a good-looking man whose real name is LBJ. He was named after the former president and he is flying in the air. Larry the Leaper ... More »

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    Two Smart Dogs

    "They're stopped at a stop light," Lee said. There's nothing going on but two dogs looking at each other saying hi. "They're bragging to each other about how they did on the hunt," said Betty. The ... More »

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    One Moment in Time

    They're having a conversation. Love at first sight They're saying "My car's faster than your car." Fancy meeting you here Have you seen that cat down the road? Hey, good lookin' whe... More »

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    Somethings afoot.

    Pairs of legs there are so many legs. Their showing off shoes. Where,s the other half? Its a game after a wedding. A man guesses which one is his wife. He has to be blindfolded to find her. Its... More »

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    "Over your dead body Im not going to that pit"

    Fencing, I think its fencing, like a sword not like a field. Their fighting over a lover, 'Tous chez". Its definitely two women. That could be a man. It looks like they are in a garden, a ari... More »

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    "Bon Voyage"

    35 year old Smiley and her pet monkey Sassy are alone on a bus for a Safari expedition in Africa. Smiley is a zoologist doing research and knew how to tame a monkey and keep it as a pet. She is not... More »

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    The Yellow Butterfly /Il-farfett l-isfar

    By the storytellers at St. Vincent De Paul There's a pensioner walking at the back. The butterfly is stuck here. He's walking with his stick, with the butterfly. A flying butterfly. When I w... More »

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    "Roy Rogers"

    After fishing for awhile, and with lots of luck, Roy caught a really big tuna fish on Pewaukee Lake while fishing in a canoe. Roy caught the fish with a big hook and a clothesline. He used a tiny f... More »

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    "Boy in a Box with a Bottle"

    Herbert, a 18 month old baby, is posing for a picture in the Arizona desert. His parents had pulled over on the side of the road while the family was on a roadtrip so they could feed him and take a... More »

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    The Piglets

    It’s man made. “You mean the pig?” I think someone made it. It’s on a farm that’s for sure. “Definitely on a farm”, say Bob. 1, 2, 3 are the same. I don’t know their names though. It’s a mo... More »

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    People Sharing Their Thoughts Together

    It looks like Hitler’s Germany. He has a gun in his holster. It’s in Germany or Poland. That’s an American flag, Carol notices. It’s in the U.S. Maybe it is about the Jewish people staying a... More »

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    A Visit From The Doctor

    Bobby is a sick little boy. The doctor had to come pay him a visit. The doctor left his doctor bag and coat on the bed while he stepped outside to talk to Bobby’s mother about his illness and what ... More »