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    " Here They Come!"

    "I love to be alone. It's still warm even though the trees are shedding their leaves.", thought Melody. "But I wonder if anyone can hear my guitar?" Nobody could hear her play her music because the... More »

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    The Picnic

    They are at a church picnic in a park. It is fall, about mid-morning. The ladies are mothers and they bake all those pies and cakes. Martha is a happy lady. Susie is a hard worker. Martha and Susie... More »

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    Fishing or Hunting?

    Cinderella is a salesman and Hank looks like the owner of the bait shop. They are talking about who caught that big Musky. Cinderella is trying to sell some fishing gear to Hank. He says that his t... More »

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    Wishful Thinking

    It is a cold, snowy day. Skipper is looking out the window. He wants to go outside. Skipper thinks it might be too cold. It is Stevens Point, Wisconsin and winter can be bad.Skipper lives in the ho... More »

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    Singing in the Rain

    They are in a park on a rainy day. There are puddles under their feet. They are in California and it has been very hot. They don't know each other, they just stopped to enjoy the rain. There is thu... More »

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    Beach Fight

    It was the 30th day of July, families were gathered on the beach. Donald and Joshua were playing around when Durbin interrupted wanting them to fight to see which one was the toughest. A friendly c... More »

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    "Frantic Furry Friends" - MC

    This is Butch, a white lab, and Felix, a tomcat. They are in the family room, which is being decorated for the holidays. You can tell because of all of the tubs filled with holiday décor. It is a c... More »

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    A Beautiful Flight by Angeline

    It was a cloudy summer day in 1966. I boarded a 747 United Airliner at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. At that time, airplanes had two seats on each side thereby enabling one to more readily get a windo... More »

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    The Stranger called Curiosity or The Wonders of Curiosity by the storytellers at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care.

    She'spPointing up at the sky at something -- could be the sun or an airplane. It is a little girl wearing a summer dress with sandals. She is looking for the stars. She is thinking about going up ... More »

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    My Latest Musical Experience by Angeline

    My latest musical experience was on Monday evening, June 5, 2017 at Colectivo on 68th and Wells in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. I in my wheelchair and a friend listened to a quintet from the Milwaukee Sy... More »

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    "CASINO MEMORIES" by The Residents of St. Camillus Health Center

    Two lovely ladies, Mabel and Ruth, planned a vacation to Las Vegas, for July of 2017. In fact, they're still there! Mabel and Ruth, along with their husbands, Ed and Charles, are celebrating thei... More »

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    "ON THE BEACH" (By the Residents of St. Camillus Health Center)

    It's a warm summer day, June of 2017 at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Adeline, who is 63 years old is in very good physical shape. She was a ballerina in her younger days! Ad... More »

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    Lady In Flight

    Our story begins,... what is she sitting on? pondered Lucy. Elva assumes its some kind of bench. Clara determined “Lady Jane is her name”. Ruthie is excited that Lady Jane is in Steven's Place in C... More »

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    Fun in the Rain

    They have been praying for rain in Lacrosse. The picnic area at Waterloo Park is flooded so they are waiting for the water to go back down. This picture is an older picture because all the ... More »

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    Untitled Story

    Feeding Chickens Mary is wearing a hat, feeding her chickens. She is on a farm, at someone's house, on the west side, of the city of Lacrosse. She looks like a strong woman. There are chickens ... More »