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    The Ticket to Saskatoon

    When I was born, they lay me down in a crib, with bars!! Whoever thought babies belonged in a crib have another think coming. All day long I looked at Mom and Dad walk in and out of the bedroom, go... More »

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    What Snow Day Meant To Me

    On snowy mornings, I remember listening carefully to the radio to see if school was canceled. If they canceled school that meant a day of playing outside in the snow. We would go outside to have ... More »

  • Last Straw
    3, coffee pots, 1 transmission, and a bank fee

    The coffee never brewed. I guessed the pot had had it. Went to the basement and got the spare coffee pot that I had gotten cheaply at a yard sale. What! It doesn't work either. Yikes, had to buy... More »

  • Beautiful Questions
    The laughter of children

    I love the sounds of the children playing outside my window at the playground. I hear their laughter and running feet, bouncing balls and bike bells. Wis More »

  • Beautiful Questions
    A listening ear

    I would like to have a child sit down next to me on the porch and tell me about their day. I would sit and listen and listen and smile and cry with them. Friends make the world a better place. A fr... More »

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    Making Memories

    Wilbur is in his picture studio with his grandchildren.He's taking their pictures because he loves them and for the family album.It surprises him how fast they grow while they giggle. He took them ... More »

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    Down in the Country, by the Church

    When we listen to our neighborhood, we hear children's voices, squirrels chattering, cows mooing, horses neighing, pigs oinking, dogs barking, and children singing. We can also hear cars driving b... More »

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    I see a young man with a paper airplane. He's trying to get it to fly. I'd say he's about 9 1/2 almost 10. His name is Jerry. He's about 9 or 10 too. They may be going to have a race to see wh... More »

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    Roly Poly

    I see a real live baby bear. He's playing roly poly & having a wonderful time. He's going to bite his tongue of he's so excited. There's a woman playing with the baby bear. She wants him to roll... More »

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    Toadally Free

    Hey! Hands of me! I said, "Hands. Off. ME!" I'm ready to get out and see the world. What are you doing? Holding me back. Where's my topcoat and cane? I need to sing a song. At least loosen your gri... More »

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    A Pingouin's love

    Those birds are fine, very fine and beautiful. They're going to the sea to wet there face or maybe to take a bath. They're taking each other hands. Actually they're going to their wedding. There ... More »

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    Father and on finally reunited

    So those two dogs are very similar. They're the same species. They're named TOTO for the big one and PONPON for the little one with the necklace. They meet each other at the stop. - hey! who'... More »

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    my lil'darling

    There is a beautiful dog. There is a child, it's a boy. He knows what he's doing. He knows what to do. He's got long legs and his shoos fit perfectly. He's eating chocolate and sugar, got all su... More »

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    The Greatest Gift I've ever Received

    The question was asked what is the greatest gift you've ever received. The following are the answers that were gave. Rachel Hancock: A diamond ring, and A house My diamond ring was given by my ... More »

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    The Boys

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