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    "Leapin' Lizard!"

    One day in Texas a cowboy named Bob was making strumming sounds on his guitar and got excited because his girlfriend, Virginia, came over. The air smelled of fish and manure. That morning, Bob chan... More »

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    Stripper, the Famous Tiger, Could Not Change His Stripes

    Once upon a time in India, Stripper, the amazing tiger was found. He weighed 1200 pounds! There was death in the smell of his breath. He was ready for the prowl. He was mean and ferocious and like... More »

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    I'm coming home.....I Think.

    There's always trouble in Satan, Florida. For instance, one afternoon in 1975, George and Eloise, thought they were at a party. They had met one night at another wild party. Who knew that this part... More »

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    Watch Out!

    Walt and Kevin: I know these...ah, women no gals, no old dames...we all know them! Louise: Oh, you do not. They're too fancy for you two old goats. Walt and Kevin: We ain't goats--who's s... More »

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    Won't Be Much Fishin' Today

    It's summer. I think they are on a pond or a river. If it's around here it's a pond. His name is Kevin. Ha, Kevin about 10, 30 years ago. More like Kevin 100 years ago. I don't think it's her... More »

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    Looking for a new home!

    These penguins, named Mo and Jo, which is short for Josephine, are near the ocean and it is very cold. They are walking on an iceberg ready to jump into the water. It is winter time and it is fre... More »

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    Untitled Story

    Once upon a time a young girl was taking her dog to the beach. When they arrived the girl laid down a blanket, but the dog had other plans. Barney, The dog, jumped on the blanket and began to tug i... More »

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    Tale of the tiptoe tree

    One day a long time ago.. My cat and dog got in a fight. For background, my cats name is Robin and my Dogs name is Batman. This story starts on a Friday after Christmas. We had just began to take d... More »

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    Boy in a Bag

    He's pretty happy about being in the bag or actually a suit case. Been traveling awhile--doesn't remember where home is. Dark in that bag but for his size it's Okay. Randy--I thought maybe Micha... More »

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    A Girl with a Guitar by the storytellers at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care

    Her name is Diane. She's playing jazz. She plays the bass guitar. She's been in a lot of bands. Kenneth's brother was in a band and he saw Elaine there. The band is called Ozie. Mary play... More »

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    2 Lonely Women

    Once upon a time, there lived 2 elderly people. Their names were Alice and Joann. They met in a theater in New York, NY. They spent most of their time gambling in Atlantic City.Their favorite meal ... More »

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    Training for the Olympics

    Foes meet. En garde! This is nice. They’re in the courtyard. I don’t know if there is anything we can do. It looks like a mother and daughter. The daughter is Elouise and the mother is Ruth. ... More »

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    The Future Friendship of Jose' and Billy/Lobster Heaven

    A man is trying to dissect a lobster. It’s show and tell. It is taking place in the science class room. Probably 8th grade. It’s Roland Park Middle. The man is named Jose’ and the lobster is ... More »

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    The Milk of Human Kindness

    That looks like Babe Ruth! The “slugger”! The man looks like a father. He’s holding a child. It looks like he’s giving his son something to drink. Milk! A sign on the cart says “Milk Bar Price List... More »

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    Pushy and Pusher can smell fish; fish AND the ocean. They are lovers, George thinks, Gerald says, they are partners. They make decisions together because that's what partners do. They will make... More »