Organizational & Group Training

Organizational & Group Training

“I heard this training was great!  How can I do it?”

Become a Creative Community of Care

Why your Organization should become TimeSlips Certified!

The TimeSlips’ Creative Community of Care (CCC) model of training and certification teaches staff across your organization how to embed creative engagement and community building techniques across your community. An organization’s staff will be trained in the TimeSlips’ communication method and learn fun and easy ways to integrate creativity into daily interactions and tasks while enriching their relationships with the elders with whom they work.

Senior Service Providers

Bring joy to the elders, families and staff you serve.

Educational Institutions

Bring joy to the elders, families and staff you serve.

Community Organizations

Bring joy to the elders, families and staff you serve.

Training & Certification

Follow the outpouring of creativity among our trainees across the world

TimeSlips’ organizational training includes online training and certification, webinars, and personalized one-on-one guidance from a TimeSlips Lead Trainer. The Lead Trainer will help you identify the creative assets or talents that already reside within your organization, plan programming that builds upon the TimeSlips method and work toward a shared celebration of creativity in your community, that can include family, staff, and volunteers, and anyone else you’d like to invite to participate.

To become a TimeSlips’ Certified organization:

  1. Share the TimeSlips training and Creative Engagement video with your organization staff;
  2. Offer the online training modules to your staff, and avail yourself of the one-on-one coaching from a TimeSlips Lead Trainer — this leads to individual staff certification in the TimeSlips method
  3. Support the engagement of your broader community (families, friends, volunteers, etc.) through TimeSlips’ webinars and our live “Friends and Family” training
  4. Work with your Lead Trainer to develop a Creative Asset Map of your organization
  5. With your Lead Trainer’s support, develop a Celebration Plan to recognize your organization’s newfound creativity and its broad implementation of the TimeSlips method.

Online Training

Certified Facilitator training for your staff

The online training for your staff includes six modules that take approximately 2.5 hours for each individual to complete. The modules can be started and stopped at a staff member’s convenience. Each module delves into the concepts that are key to successful execution of the TimeSlips’ method.

Once your staff completes the online training modules, your organization is assigned a Lead Trainer who will provide personalized feedback, online, to trainees. The Lead Trainer will work with your staff throughout the certification process (which includes practice sessions and a self-evaluation) so that by the end of their training, they will know they are executing the method in a way that aligns with the TimeSlips’ evidence base.

Webinars for staff within your organization

Webinar-based training for staff in your organization include:

  • Webinar 1: Creative Engagement Programming
  • Webinar 2: Long Range Project Planning

The 18-minute “Creative Engagement Programming” webinar explains the how and why to implement and sustain Creative Engagement in your organization. The 30-minute“Long Range Project Planning” webinar shares how to create a project plan and provides inspiring examples of projects other organizations have completed. Both webinars provide your organization with a deeper understanding of the TimeSlips methodology.

Once Certified, your organization’s profile will be added to the interactive map on the TimeSlips website indicating that your organization is a TimeSlips certified Creative Community of Care.