Our Story

Our Story

TimeSlips supports a global movement to bring meaning to late life through creative engagement.

Our evidence-based and award-winning approach brings joy to elders and their care partners by infusing creativity and meaning-making into care relationships and systems.

We began with one volunteer in 1998. We became an independent non-profit in 2013, and we now train and certify individuals and organizations across the world. There are currently 900+ Certified Facilitators, and 50+ Creative Communities of Care.

Our bold vision is that creative expression, growth and meaning is available to us at every stage of life, no matter where we live or our abilities.

We aim to change the way we understand and experience aging by bringing young people into positive relationships with elders; enabling family members to have meaningful, emotional connection, and infusing creativity into our care systems to inspire staff to feed their own creativity while inviting elders to imagine and express themselves.

Our Creativity Center, with 300+ prompts, provides an endless fountain of ideas for engaging elders in meaningful projects large and small.

Our core values are:

  • Saying Yes, And;
  • Asking Beautiful Questions;
  • Giving Proof of Listening;
  • Opening ourselves to Wonder;
  • Committing to rigor and the value of all human beings;
    and Finding meaning by connecting our personal expressions to the larger world.

These core values guide our trainings and every aspect of our operations.

As our bodies and minds change with age, people ask – “How can I connect with my mom?
My clients? My neighbor? My friend?”

TimeSlips invites you connect – through creativity.

What is Meaningful Engagement?

Meaningful and Creative Engagement Explained!

We created this short animation to explain a bit about the TimeSlips approach.

Do you know someone who is isolated or perhaps wrestling with dementia? Do you want to engage but don’t know how?

Let us help…


TimeSlips’ Mission in Action: A Story of Some Righteous Fun

We are looking back at stories of TimeSlips’ mission in action all month and this week we are featuring a story from 2020, when TimeSlips Certified Trainer, Elaine Maly, facilitated a group of storytelling superheroes- The Righteous League. Read about her experience and access our facilitator guide to help you form your very own group own superheroes!

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TimeSlips combats social isolation through remote engagement this holiday season

The holiday season is a wonderful time to be with family. However, we can’t always be with those we love in-person. At TimeSlips, we provide creative communication techniques that deepen feelings of meaningful connection between care partners and those they care for. The easiest way to integrate our techniques into everyday conversations is by asking…

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Meet our new Executive Director: Ann McQueen!

Seeking Dementia Care Specialists for FREE training to build community & reduce loneliness

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Preguntas Hermosas: TimeSlips Virtual Workshops in Spanish!

TimeSlips Certified Trainer, Jackie Kostichka, has created a series of six virtual workshops available in Spanish for seniors involved in the Milwaukee Beautiful Questions Project. These workshops are meant to aid people leading group sessions in-person. Each video includes a movement warm-up led by Jackie, who is also a registered Dance/Movement Therapist, as well as a series of Beautiful Questions that are meant to spark conversation and self expression.

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Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin: TimeSlips Trains Dementia Care Specialists in Statewide Initiative

Seeking Dementia Care Specialists for FREE training to build community & reduce loneliness

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Engagement on Wheels

TimeSlips is working alongside Meals on Wheels America to support select local programs’ efforts to offer social connection services aimed at reducing social isolation and loneliness, and to create opportunities for older adults to forge meaningful connections with volunteers in their communities. This project, aptly called the Social Connection Pilot, also engages support from CallHub,…

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